#Friendship : Share A Hug as you Say Cheers To Your Friends

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Share A Hug:


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Well it makes me feel a little old when I come across a modern day lingo – Yaari, Dosti and so on. Or maybe it is just a regional thing and I feel a little more comfortable with the more ‘serious parlance’. But anyways this week is all about sharing a hug, talking about friendship, friends and how they have remained an influence all through our lives and how they continue to do so. If I look back and see the best moments of my life, a lot of image whizz through and it fills me up with such a gratitude to know that there have been such good moments and all of them because of those wonderful people in our lives and how they remain to be so.

They have always been there, right from the school days to the days of lying at home and running off for a short trip, the times when you spoke endlessly about the crushes in your life and how you miserably failed at them or the stories about the times you made fool out of yourselves and you are able to laugh at them. The times where you think your life has taken some amazing turns and made you wonder – Gosh, how would have our lives turned out if these guys were not around to support me through? What comes to your mind when you think of these people. Who are the people that whizz past your memory when you say – ‘Friendship’ – How does it make you feel?

Sometimes it makes me wonder if I have said everything I feel about these guys and whether I have done enough justice for having them take care of me and vice versa because these moments are so special and anything we do seems very small. And when I talk about these whizzing memories and think about what I would have done better- I really don’t have any words to say. Maybe this is when those beautiful hugs come into picture – when you don’t have many words to talk about but a lot of emotions to share. It is not just about saying celebrate responsibility, it is also about being sober and knowing that there is so much about our own lives which are incredibly beautiful and these people have done so much to make you who you are today. Maybe it is worthwhile to stop ourselves sometimes and just say thank you and maybe give one bear hug which makes all that difference.

Cheers to such wonderful friends and the hope for many such to come in our lives.

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