Friendship Day : 10 Inspiring Realistic Quotes On Friendship, Friends And Their Meaning

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friendship day quotes, happy friendship day, meaning of friendship in quotes, inspirational quotes on friendship, meaning of friendship quotesIts been over two years now that we started this website and the response has been truly magical. On this auspicious friendship day, we dedicate this post to all our fellow friends who have helped us grow, all those friends who have helped us chisel ourselves into who we are and the continued association with a hope to add more value in the future. Happy Friendship Day guys. As a token for this day, we present you 10 handpicked quotes on friendship, friendship day and its true value to our lives.

People have often told that quotes and ideal friendships don’t exist, but you know us by now and we are not going to shower you with promises of an utterly romantic version either. Here you go with our 10 friendship day quotes.

Good Friends Don’t Let You Do Stupid Things Alone

Well, blessed are we that we can be as stupid as we choose to be without the fear of being judged or being looked at with surprise that we don’t follow the social decorum. We are all extremely well behaved in the society, just like we are expected to. But we know that it is in those silly moments and those stupid little things that life becomes so much more beautiful.

So, never say no to the craziness in life, and never move away from the child like thought of yours which lets you do the stupidest things leaving a sheepish grin on your face. After all, today is friendship day, a day to relive some of the old silly memories 🙂

You can’t choose your family but you can always choose your friends

We can never choose our family or the society or the relatives. We are born into them and perhaps one of the reasons why we are expected to maintain a decorum there too. The beauty in the friends of our choice is that we can be as real and as natural we are with them. We don’t have to pretend, we don’t have to please anyone. We can simply be who we are and that is still amazing to do that.

So, do choose carefully cos these are the ones that are going to stick with you for long and sometimes longer than the family too :).

As people grow, they realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.

I sound like an old man when I say this, but as time passes, we realize that our circle starts reducing drastically. About a couple of years ago, I used to worry if this is the case now, what would it be a few years down the line and the answer left me a little puzzled and a little unhappy. But less did I realize that it kept getting more and more beautiful.

One of my friends used to say – Vinay, I have two circles of friends – one is a wider circle where there are lots of people. But these are the people who don’t really know me, they have just heard of me and like a few aspects about me. The inner circle although small knows the real truth.

And blessed are we to have a core inner group on which we can bank on and rely.

A friend is someone who you can talk to, who loves you and won’t judge you and most of all makes you feel that you are worth something

A friend is someone who knows that you can be stupid and sometimes lets you be. A friend is someone who doesn’t really care what your stupid political opinion is sometimes and lets you babble even though he knows that you are completely wrong. A friend is someone who sits there next to you and knows what you mean when you say something and the one who also knows that you mean none of it when you are saying something incredibly stupid.

Best of all, there it is fairly easy to keep the other issues outside cos the friendship takes the centre stage and forms the bigger picture.

Two things you will never have to chase – true friends and true love

Indeed true isn’t it? Look at all of your dearest friends. Whom did you chase, whom did you go after to make sure that they are by your side. Aren’t all the ones you have now that just got into your life by chance and happened naturally. Maybe you debated about a point, maybe you fought when you started talking or like my case copied from him in the exam. But we realize that we have never chased any of these. They just came into our life but they did another great thing – they stayed back and they still prefer to do that.

And that’s really something!

Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart.

Distance doesn’t really matter. Frequency doesn’t really matter. We all are pretty busy in our own lives and we know that there are a lot of things which demand our attention on a daily basis and naturally we are out fire fighting to solve our problems. But when we see a message or a call from that friend, the distance simply vanishes life seems pretty simple again.

Simple distance is not going to keep you from staying in touch with friends, lack of interest does. And it is that connection which makes life really worthwhile.

If your friends don’t make fun of you, they are not really your friends. 

Are they? I mean they know you in and out. They know all the stupid things you have done or the ones you are going to do. And if they are not going to make fun of that, what else are they going to make fun of. Of course, we know how to stay away from personally hurting someone, but come on, making fun is a part of being friends and as long as it is in the good spirit, it is an awesome friendship indeed, esp when they make you laugh at yourself.

 Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know that they are there.

Well, that’s the beauty with good friends. You know that they care even if they are not in sight. You know that there is that someone who will be able to understand your problems even though they don’t see you. You know that they are the ones who are probably not going to give you an immediate solution, but they are the ones with whom you can hear yourself. Quite simply, they are the ones with whom you can feel vulnerable and know that it is really ok to feel weak.

Friends know how crazy you are and still choose to be seen with you in public.

This is a good one. Friends indeed are those who really don’t care how stupid you are or the ones who don’t give a damn about how being seen with you is going to affect their social standing. Of course we started the string of quotes on the theme of friendship day and some of you might be expecting us to be talking about the greatness of friendship.

Well, it is not and that is the greatest part of it. It is not overwhelming, it is a simple plain relationship with a lot of goofiness to stand counsel with it!

I love my friends and I don’t need any quotes!

And this one seems completely irrelavant to the topic of friendhship day quotes, but we are still going to stick with it. We don’t need words to tell us how important people are  in our lives – whether it is a friend or your spouse or someone else, it is people who shape your life and make it really beautiful and worthwhile. None of us account to anything if not for that and none of us will ever account to that.

We don’t need words to tell how great our friends are. Just a simple Hi would do.

Well these are our top 10 friendship day quotes. I do know that I have missed a lot of beautiful quotes out here, please do let me know if you think of something that can go up this wall and I will be more than happy to make the list bigger.

Happy Friendship day guys.

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20 thoughts on “Friendship Day : 10 Inspiring Realistic Quotes On Friendship, Friends And Their Meaning

    1. Thank you Vyasamoorthy. Welcome aboard to inspire99, glad that you like the post and its interpretation. I have always liked doing that, interpreting quotes and trying to analyse them to see how much sense they make to our life and what we can derive out of it. In this site, you will find many more posts like that :). For all we know, we focus on making life a little simpler through these real life experiences of ourselves and some other such wonderful people

    1. Happy friendship day Somali :). They sure are a great stressbuster and they keep our minds off what is bothering us. They make our lives look a lot simpler and easier no matter how complicated we find them at that moment. Cheers to such wonderful friends.

  1. I think the first is my favourite – good friends don’t let you do stupid things alone. Although it was hard to choose a favourite. Happy Friendship Day.

  2. True….friends can make a wrong day right for you with their presence. Nice compilation of quotes, Vinay…. 🙂

    For me, every day is for friends…. happy friendship day, I mean today 😀 😀

    1. Happy Friendship day Maniparna. They sure make our lives simpler and a lot more meaningful and fulfilled :). I loved these quotes too cos I found them really practical and useful :)..

  3. Such a lovely collection, Vinay.
    Belated Friendship day wishes to you. And congratulations on the successful two years of inspire 99.
    Btw, do you still do the walks?

    1. Thank you Nambair. Happy friendship day :). Thank you, yes yes, the walks are still very much functional and in fact now the team has grown by 4 more people and we are looking forward for more adventures together. Lots and lots to look forward to 🙂

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