FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out!

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Being different in a group

I think my knowledge base is increasing widely as far as the abbreviations go :D. Fear of missing out, I didn’t even realise there was a thing like that.

But, now that I think more closely about it, thanks to a question on Quora it sure is an interesting thing to notice if we are responding to a similar emotion. I mean it is very natural for us to think that we may be missing out by not doing something – after all there are people involved and we all are social beings. We would like to be with others, understand life in a more holistic way and people are such treasures, they always bring out something incredible.

Comfort Zone

So yeah, there is a general feeling of missing out when we don’t do something which others are. However, there’s also something called too much of a good thing. Although I don’t believe the “Missing out” part is a great thing because it means we are pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone quite often. We did talk about The 10 Simplistic way to come out of your comfort zone, however – that doesn’t mean that we overdo it and end up wondering where our life is headed. I am sure you would have gone through this emotion as well where it seems to be very confusing as to what you are doing and more importantly – WHY?!

Who Am I?

To be fair, it does take a bit of courage to be your own self, especially in a world which is trying to make you someone else. And the world has a lot of people in it, each of whom has their own standards and wants to create a life accordingly. And it is natural for them to expect that this is the general standard that the world lives by. In order to bring that balance, at some point – we have to consciously tell ourselves

“This is what I am”

being different, odd man out, missing out in life, fear of different
Odd man out

And “this is what I am not”

I am not going to pretend to be something just for the sake that I won’t be left out in a group. I want to feel good and that is my life’s standard – which is a great way to look at life. Well, people are going to tell you that it means that you are not flexible. But hey, this is your life and your standard – so let people make those comments and talk what they want. They are not going to live your life any way.

You know what you are and what is comfortable for you. You also know when you are ready to take up something as an additional experience or standard in life. You need not allow the external society to force something onto you just because it thinks of something else as “Right”. ‘Right’ is a very personal word and you get to define what it means. And as for the fear of missing out – it is going to be there, the question is how you are going to handle it and deal with it. If you want to give in – you can; but if you want to stand strong – you can stand strong and make a huge difference for yourself.

As always, the choice is YOURS and so is the DECISION.


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