The First Project- Making Idea Work

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The First Project- Making Idea Work

I came up with a small project for the company I work in. Impressed by the idea, I was asked to go ahead and handle it all by myself. I was excited and at the same time afraid too as it was my first and I didn’t know many things. Excitement, fear, anxiety, difficulty, disappointment, insecurities and  happiness- a week of mixed emotions.

Here is what happened…..

The idea

The most difficult thing was not to come up with the idea; difficulty was the answer for “How to implement?”

I made a list of all necessary things required for the project. Just as I thought I have jotted on all, I was wrong. Items on the list added till the end of the final day.

Time frame

This is one effective lesson I have learned through this project. I didn’t realize earlier that it is always good to keep the deadline many days prior to the final date. Well, why are mistakes for? 😛 Now I know the importance of putting a correct deadline.

Rebuilding the faith

We start a new thing confidently and somewhere in the middle of the journey we tend to lose faith in it as all we see are the things not working the way we want.

“Belief should be stronger than doubts.” It’s a normal thing to lose hope when things don’t work your way. Maybe you should question yourself a little harder at those times. Does your idea deserve this? Would you give up before the results? What if it worked? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Working on it

Setting back your mind to a positive state and continue from where you stopped is a challenge. Sometimes, maybe challenges are the only way that helps you work harder and smarter.

Expectation v/s Reality

Sometimes, I wish expectation came with conditions applied to it. I expected for a brilliant result. It turned out to be quite half of my expectation.


Yes! Yet there was something for me to appreciate. I had at least 50% of what I wanted and for the rest 50% I had to work again, but this time; I knew it would be much easier because you see…….I was smart enough not to repeat the same mistakes 🙂 I made different though 🙂

Hesitation to market

I had my end product, mostly as I desired. How do I market it? There were several questions in my mind “ Is it overpriced?” , “How can I ask someone to buy it?” , “Does it look pushy if I talk to people about it? “

When I was going through this phase, I got to hear one of the finest words which made it all easy.

“It is important to proudly believe in what you have done.”

We all go through the phase, no matter how fabulous our work is, we tend to doubt ourselves more. Well, the answer is to not doubt further but to believe so strong that doubt has no chance to stand again.


Yes! The first sale was done. Though the amount was small, it gave an immense pleasure. The feeling to see something work which you badly wanted is unexplainable.
And to see the entire process of your insecurities trying to control you but your mind eventually destroying it all is a phenomenal thing.

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7 thoughts on “The First Project- Making Idea Work

  1. Clarity of vision i.e. what you want to do, how you want it to be done and by when, is a very powerful motivating force. It indeed helps in forming the belief that you can do it. Wonderful post, Vidya! 🙂

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