Fear is not real, danger is

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It would be hard to find a quote more profound describing about fear. I had read a few other descriptions of fear. Someone said it is False Evidence Appearing Real, some said fear is just a thought, an emotion, some even said it is an illusion, something very much in the lines of the quote above. But, is it an illusion? Don’t we feel it? Doesn’t fear make us stop in our tracks? Doesn’t it make us do stupid things? How can it be not real.

But on the other hand, is it actually real? What are we being afraid of? Is it the fear in itself or the danger. Maybe fear is an emotion which accentuates the danger, makes us feel that it is very large, unsurmountable, something which we cannot address or counter. Maybe fear is a thought which makes us feel inadequate. Maybe fear is a vicious cycle where it keeps compounding around itself.

Wait a minute! Why am I asking all these questions? Fear is just a simple thing. It is trying to tell us there is something out there, some real danger and we need to be equipped to handle it. Prepare ourselves so that we address the real danger or the situation which we are anticipating. Let us for a moment put aside the description of what fear is, instead let us try and look at what it is supposed to do, what message it is conveying us and how do we act upon it. Fear at one end can just be a simple message asking us desperately to act on something. And the one way we can address the fear may not be by denying it, may not be by saying that there is no danger at all. But taking an action on it, no matter how small, taking those small steps in that direction of solution, maybe we can stop the fear in its tracks and show it its place, telling that in no way are we allowing it to be bigger than us! 


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4 thoughts on “Fear is not real, danger is

  1. Vinay ji Very nice article. I think fear is ignorance. When you do not know about Tiger you are afraid. The new boss whether he is dangerous or not you are afraid. Since ignorance is real therefore fear is real and exist till ignorance exists and therefore a dependent variable. Danger could be real or imaginary because it can take up both positive and negative values. Positive dangers are those which really exist, Negative dangers are those which we imagine for example could be implied by superstitions, fake stories, acting etc.

    1. Thank you Pradip Ji, that is a beautiful comment, so glad reading it 🙂 ..

      Agree to every word Pradip Ji, sometimes I feel that the words we use are so interchangeable that there would be a very thin line of difference between them. Sometimes I even wonder as to what the difference between fear and danger are, they seem so well connected to each other and the one leading to another in a causal way…

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