Faith Is Taking The First Step Even When You Don’t See The Whole StairCase – Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King

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Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

There are some quotes which simply resonate with us the moment we hear or see them. I believe Martin Luther King is one such man who has that powerful essence in him. Another one person I can think of is Swami Vivekananda. Taking a quote from his collection – 8 Powerful Quotes To Set You Into Action. And today’s topic is quite simply FAITH!

What Is Faith?

What is faith? How to describe it? Is it faith in ourselves or god or humanity or people?

We have heard different descriptions of this term and most of them somehow seem to lead to god. Maybe that is the traditional aspect. And some of them take the high road and talk about humanity.

But we are not going to talk about either today. We are going to talk about you, about I and about everything we can perceive with our world. For that, we would like to stick to the definition that faith is belief, the belief in ourselves and our abilities, the trust that something good is going to happen no matter how bad things might feel. And above all the faith that can set us into action and that is what we are going to talk about today.

The Difficulties In Keeping Faith

faith is difficult, why is faith hard, meaning of faith, how to maintain faithWe all lead a terribly challenging lifestyle and the challenges range from the simple aspect of finance to a complicated aspect of human relationships, career choices, physical endurance and so on. And it is natural that whenever we feel a hit, our faith shakes a bit. It makes us question the direction we are headed in, the aspirations we have and our very desires as well.

Sometimes people say that these challenges are there just to check how badly we need something. I am not sure whether I want to believe in that completely. It seems like a really nice way of looking at things, but still I am not very sure. But I am sure that no matter what we do, there are going to be challenges and there rarely will ever be a simple, smooth ride. Maybe that is the way the world is and naturally enough everything around is very competitive. And in order to stay beyond that competition, we need a little more than confidence.

This Is Why We Need Faith!

We talked about why it is difficult to believe in something when things around us are going wrong. And that is a natural phenomenon. Now we are going to talk about why it is important to maintain our composure and faith beyond that.

We have established that challenges are going to be a part of our lives no matter what we do. The only logical step from here is to find out optimal ways to deal with these challenges in life – what can we do best to solve this problem and maintain our peace in life? What might be the best feasible solution with the least losses possible.

What The Books Say

faith meaning, book definition of motivation,faith in life and its meaningAll the motivational books we have read, the stories we have shared and heard, the thoughts we have come across have told us one thing – look within and see how important it is for us. If it is really important for us, then it becomes quite essential to define our worlds and that definition is based on complete trust within ourselves, our indomitable will and the energy that keeps driving us further.

No wonder we will hit a few bumps along the way. No wonder we will be pushed down by people and the circumstances. But we need to tap in and bring out an additional aspect within us which remains unperturbed by the circumstances. And that is not because they don’t mean anything to us. That is not because we are robots with no feelings.

That is because we know that our lives are beyond these challenges. Our lives are in those dreams which have kept us alive. It is in those aspirations which have chiseled us and made us who we are today. We would have been nothing today if not for that blind faith.

Think of all those achievements you or I have done and we all realize that it could never be done without the blind trust and faith which made us take the first step. And if any of these makes you question yourself, then I would suggest you these 10 Step By Step Processes To Regain Self Confidence In Life

So, no matter what is holding us back, it is perhaps time to believe in that one person or aspect which means a lot to you and give it all you got. Things will eventually shape up and they better do!

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16 thoughts on “Faith Is Taking The First Step Even When You Don’t See The Whole StairCase – Martin Luther King

  1. “Faith is belief, belief in us” True True True. It is what drives us to achieve. After all, it is our mind that matters. Amazing post Vinay. Truly inspiring.

  2. This is SUPERB post Vinay! Every single thought shared here is so relating to what I have learnt in my life though experiences and books. You have mentioned everything here and hence made me go speechless on this. Thanks time and again for such powerful posts 🙂

    1. Thank you Tara :).. I am really happy to know that we are able to resonate to your personal experiences. I would consider that as the greatest victory for any writer – the ability to connect :). Thanks so much for such wonderful words and the constant motivation to keep these going 🙂

  3. the line says it all ” the trust that something good is going to happen no matter how bad things might feel.”…wow it gives 1000 times extra confidence to work more harder……

    1. Thank you Mayuresh :). I guess that is something which defines an optimist or a pessimist or even a realist to that matter :). We all have to believe that things are going to turn around, we all have to believe that we can make a difference if we just sit tight and decide to and we all need to know that every answer we need is right within us and that faith makes a lot of difference all along the way.

  4. Faith is “the belief in ourselves and our abilities”- nothing could be truer….. the belief that we shall succeed in one day, the belief that failure is the pillar of success… 🙂

    1. Thank you Maniparna, beliefs sure are very powerful tools and they can simply elevate life to a very high standard. Faith surely is one among them, perhaps maybe even the most important one of them all 🙂

  5. Future is always uncertain, one must have to take side of faith.. without faith no one will be able to act. Title it self described its meaning.

    Success always start from the first step which is most difficult for any future prospect plans.

    1. True Umesh. Future is always uncertain. We do not really have much control over the outcomes and the process, but we sure have the control over what we choose to believe in and aspire for. The more we focus on that, the closer we get to the true success we really deserve.

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