Facing the uncomfortable

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I was religiously doing my sacred FB follow when I came across the above quote. I have always been a fan of the idea of comfort zone, makes me feel happy, contented and why not, it is a beautiful place indeed.

Also I realize, whenever I was put in an uncomfortable situation, a voice inside me shouted saying ESCAPE!!! And most times I did. After that, I would be a little frustrated thinking of all the possible excuses although internally I hated those. The reasons I gave outside were very valid and profound but internally I didn’t actually feel that happy. 

But as time passed, I gradually started realizing how important it is to step out of one’s comfortable zone and once I did it I felt extremely good, not because I did something which wasn’t easy for me but the feel of battling against my mind, to shut down all the excuses and reasons to start finding ways to face the challenges. Now it feels like a different zone altogether, not that I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore, it is just that feeling that I can handle it and get over it which forms a constant reassurance. And I realize there have been a plenty more opportunities that have presented themselves to me from the time I have started doing this.

I guess most often we miss out opportunities in life just because we feel we are not ready to face them, just cos we feel quite comfortable in our own shoes, maybe we are and sometimes maybe all we need is a simple push.


3 thoughts on “Facing the uncomfortable

    1. :).. So true.. Also reminds me of another quote – “If everything is coming your way, then you’re on the wrong side of the road ;)”

      Did you happen to read Robin Sharma’s – The Leader Who Had No Title, I have been meaning to read that book. Is it a good read? Recommendation?

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