Face The Brutes- Swami Vivekananda

Face The Brutes- Swami Vivekananda

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Most of us are aware of the story on how once a troop of monkeys  surrounded Swami Vivekananda making him unable to move. He managed to run and to his disbelief even the monkeys ran after him. He fastened the speed and so did the monkeys. He couldn’t find a way to escape and continued running. An old monk called out to him and said, “Face the brutes!” And what happened later is a well-known part of the story. Swami Vivekananda stopped running, turned back and faced the monkeys for which the monkeys fled away. And hence proving that the best way to get out of fear was to face the fear itself.

What if he had not turned to face the monkeys, let’s say he would run for kilometers and find those monkeys not behind him anymore. What would he feel? He would have thanked God for saving him, maybe discover a new way to get rid off monkeys for the next time or maybe even decide not to take the route again in his life.

But what he felt after facing the monkeys has added much more to his attitude than what he would have got if he had escaped. The sense of self-belief, the feeling of handling fear, a changed insight on how to handle problems better and much more.  What he earned by facing the monkeys was much more than what he would have earned by escaping. The decision to face fear set the perfect end result for him. It sure is a very small incident, but not to forget the same small incident brought a major impact in his life.

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We are offered with the similar kind of incidents in life where we let the moments of fear conquer us. At first it slowly comforts you and eventually it consumes you.

It’s absolutely ok to be afraid of something, it’s ok to let that emotion comfort you, but make sure not to get carried away by the same emotions. Decide to face it and that’s where you bring in the difference for your life. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it is the way you handle the fear. It’s never easy to face your fears all at once. It takes time, it takes practice and not to miss, yes! it takes more fears, but once you face it you realise why it’s worth facing it. And every time you face it you realise how much more strength you have within.

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    • Thank you Maniparna 🙂 Swami Vivekananda’s stories have inspired people from many generations and will inspire for many more generations. It’s fascinating to hear his stories.
      The fear of fear kills you eventually. It’s when you reach the crux of the fear the fear of fear vanishes. complicated but worth the complication 🙂

    • Thank you Arora for bringing up such a good point. Yes, we often try to deny the existence of fear. We know it affects us, but we are not dare enough to accept that. The irony is its beauty. Maybe, facing fear is the only option to get over fear. 🙂

  1. Thank you Ratna.. Indeed :). I agree that we all are afraid and there are so many possibilities but probably nothing trumps the human spirit to fight and find solutions amidst all odds 🙂

  2. Completely agree. At one point of times all have to face fears, there is no escaping. So why not now. Face it