Extra Butter, Extra Happiness- Little Things

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extra butter extra happinessIt was an awaited Sunday. I woke up early to meet my friends at a nearby lake for a morning walk ( a talk to be precise) Little did the energy go down but the moods were exhilarated to a great extent. After a tiring talk of 4kms, we decide to go to a nearby restaurant to refill our energies.

We reached and ordered for mouth watering masala dosas which came soon on our way with a spoonful of butter on the top. One of my friends said,” I wish I got more butter.” Within a span of 2 minutes, we had a cup full of butter on our table. The waiter looked at us and said, “You can have it more.”

What surprised us was not a cup of extra butter but it was the waiter who made an effort to make our happy souls happier. He was our day’s highlight.

We were thinking on what made him give us a sweet surprise, thinking deeper we realised

– it was our happy spirits that attracted him

-it was the smile on our faces

-it was the tone in which we spoke (it was never a demand or an order to him)

– He knew that we weren’t expecting.

 Little do we realise the power of happy faces.  It’s true- “Happy souls attract happy people.” The secret of getting happier is to be happy at the first place and the secret of being happy is to appreciate little things in life.

He would certainly remain one of the sweetest waiters I have come across.The smile he held on his face did speak more than his words, the gesture he displayed showed his concern to make us happier. None of this was expected from him and that is what made this even more special.

I was thinking on how little it takes from us to make someone happier. A simple action of care and concern to a stranger does result in gifting them a beautiful memory. Likewise, the acts of care and concern to the loved ones does result in gifting them a long lasting memory.

3 thoughts on “Extra Butter, Extra Happiness- Little Things

  1. Couldn’t agree more!
    Its always wise to appreciate little things in life, because those are the ones which make our life complete, bit by bit. Those are the ones we would remember at the end, which could bring back a smile on our face in dark times.
    Moreover, spreading happiness only leads to making one’s own soul happy- I think that’s a kind of nourishment for the soul.
    and yes, its very true that what you give is what you get, just like in this case. No wonder, you have a happy memory attached to a buttery masala dosa 😉

  2. I strongly believe it. A happy soul can make others happier too. And it’s even better not to expect anything in return. 🙂

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