Even the greatest was once a beginner – Muhammad Ali

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Even the Greatest Was Once A Beginner:

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Even the greatest was once a beginner – Muhammad Ali

Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. 

Muhammad Ali

It is like saying – every big building in this world was once a blue print. If you recall, a few days ago, we had discussed about comparisons – “Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle”. I think, we can categorise this quote in similar lines as well.

I like this quote because it talks about the most common thing we do when we start something new. I think we all like to dream, we all like to imagine how it would be when we achieve our goals and derive the inspiration and energy from it. I believe it is amazing to control that so that it can act as a constant source of motivation for us, especially when the chips are down and we are challenged to our core.

The Devil’s Advocate

While that forms one part of our constant effort to achieve our goals, there is another which identifies what all we need to do and gain expertise in to achieve the final goal. This helps us to realise time and again that it is no simple task and takes effort to get there. It is also that thing which constantly keeps us on our toes and pushes us to work hard and spend those extra hours on the goals and dreams which we hold so close to our hearts.

Between these two, there is also one devil’s advocate within who keeps questioning our abilities and asking us with an undeniable image that the goal is so far and we are still a beginner which means that there are just too many things that need to be done. It is the same critic within us who says that what we are doing is not sufficient and the final goal is way beyond our reach. It is the same critic who questions our ability and introduces the doubt that we might not be able to achieve that goal.

The Beauty of A Quote To The Beginner

I think it is those times when we need to remember a quote like this and say that the comparison has to be between equals in order to make sense. It is great to know what all we have to do in order to reach the final goal. But it is imperative to appreciate the process we are in as well. If we don’t do it, we run the risk of undermining ourselves time and again which might actually derail us from the entire effort once in for all. That can prove extremely expensive. Instead, a conscious understanding that it is unfair to look at just the gaps and feel bad about something can take us a long way and keep the spirits and our motivation high.

Of course we can always play the critic and say that it is not going to help, but we are here to idetify the best way so that we can keep our best foot forward consistently and the rest is bound to follow. I think the only thing that differentiates people is the energy we put in and the consistency we put in that energy with. That I believe will make most of the difference.

Well, these are our thoughts as the quote critics, we would love to know what you think about the quote so that the analysis becomes more comprehensive and real. I look forward to your thoughts and the intellectual spark it can create as we discuss further.

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8 thoughts on “Even the greatest was once a beginner – Muhammad Ali

    1. True Maitreni and I also think it is one of the hardest ones to take, especially when we don’t have an exact plan. I once read that the best thing to do as soon as we have a thought or an idea is to make a committment, set up a meeting or announce, so that we do not lose the track of the idea. And then it keeps us seriously attached to it. It kinda has worked very well for me so far. Hope to fine tune it and make it better sooner..

  1. Taking that first step… that’s what takes courage and distinguishes The Great from the rest. 🙂

    1. True Jyothi, I think it is also about just getting there and doing it, taking those decisions faster so that it all counts. Or else there is a good chance that we overplan and under deliver something in the end.

      1. Yes that’s true becoz we generally thinks at the early morning of the day that i have to do this thing , that thing today . we do plan lot more but hardly execute it . Be bold take your first step ……wht time TAKES DON’T WORRY…..

        1. That’s an important point Nimai, that should never be the first thing to think about as soon as we get up. There is so much to appreciate in a day and the moment we start with a TO DO list, life seems so stressed out and we keep thinking about what to do and how to do instead of focusing on the lighter aspects of life which are so important.

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