If You Have Enough Push, Don’t Worry About The Pull – Zig Zaglar

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If You Have Enough Push:

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If you have enough push, you don’t have to worry about the pull – Zig Zaglar

If you have enough push, you don’t have to worry about the pull

– Zig Zaglar

Zig Zaglar’s Quotes have always stuck me as extremely practical and useful ones. The last we were bowled over by him was his quote – Motivation is just like bathing, hence we recommend it every day. I have always liked the push pull chemistry in motivation. And it is not always the easiest thing to maintain motivation on one side.

I think when Zig Zaglar says push, he talks about the internal motivation, the desire to achieve our goals and reach our aspirations. The Pull refers to the external demands such as the peer pressure, the need for existence,appreciation, recognition, finance, attraction and so on. I think there are a lot of factors which can combine as externals while the internal is limited only to our desire to do something.

The Internal Motivation: Push

It is never easy to maintain a consistency when it comes to these push factors. We all have something we feel very strongly for, something we can associate with and feel passionate about. It also makes us works extremely hard. Sometimes things work out, sometimes things don’t; but nevertheless our heart is always in there because we desired it so strongly. It reminds me of the quote which said – “If you show me a strong enough WHY, the how will naturally appear”.

So yeah, it makes a great amount of sense to derive a whole lot of reasons to answer the question WHY, maybe it makes sense to write them all down somewhere so that it constantly keeps reminding us.

The External Motivation: Pull

Now this is a simpler one, tangible and easier to recognise. It can happen through a constant recognition for ourselves as to what can boost the internal factors to keep up the motivation. It can be in the form of small rewards like a pat on our back, or a treat to ourselves when we achieve a small success in that direction. It can also be a reward in the form of another smaller target which can help us reach the larger goal. When we discussed last, we talked about perseverance and how it is a set of small goals as opposed to one big distant one! And we all know how important perseverance is as it is talked about in almost every book we pick up.

For me, if I were to simplify – I would say the push and pull factors of motivation are pretty amazing. I do agree that Zig Zaglar says that if we have a strong enough push, we don’t have to worry about the pull. But the push is always for a longer goal and it is natural for us to lose steam as we keep going and don’t see many results immediately. It becomes hard to sustain the reasons and make us doubt whether we want to continue or not. Maybe that is when we need to become more conscious about the smaller targets and keep hitting them. That way at least, we know that the real goal is out there far but we are getting close to it through our constant efforts.

And that for me is a great effort! Well, these were our thoughts on the push pull factors of motivation and I personally feel that they are incredibly amazing aspects once we know what they mean to us and how we can modify them in our favour. Please do share your thoughts on the quote with us, we would love to explore more dimensions of the quote to bring out the most sense and use out of it.

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8 thoughts on “If You Have Enough Push, Don’t Worry About The Pull – Zig Zaglar

  1. The quote is new to me, but it’s impregnated with a plethora of meaning. I, too, think that the push here implies to the inner-self, the determination and tenacity…. the pull being the adversities and peer pressure one faces from the outer world. Great quote, Vinay… 🙂

    1. Thank you Maniparna. I think thats the beauty with zig zaglars quotes . they are a bit deep and at times sound a little philosophical too. But they are bang on when it comes to the meaning 🙂

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