Engineering Entrance Exams In India

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The exams galore is on and as we know it always is a big deal about Engineering exams in India in India – rightly so, cos for a place where the competition is exceedingly high, it does make sense to have competitive exams and of course try our best to clinch the best seats available. From a range of colleges to choose from, the engineering and medical streams are the most sought after owing to the professional education and career opportunities. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to prepare for the best schools which practically open a pathway for greater educational and career opportunities.

There sure are a variety of entrance exams to tap from – right from the national level entrance exams to the state level ones. Apart from the popular IIT entrance exams and the NIT exams, the other available options are the state level CET’s or common entrance tests to track your knowledge and aptitude to place you in a high ranked school. Along with these are the autonomous schools which conduct their own examinations as well. So if you find a reputed school, then do keep your eyes open for these schools as well.

Although the fee structure varies quite widely depending upon the kind of seats – the government seats are usually priced lower since they get govt funds and aids while the private ones are usually higher since they are funded by the managements which do not receive sufficient government aid. Although the most sought after ones are still the IIT’s and NIT’s – a few other options include – VITEEE exam , Christ University Bangalore, Satyabhama university which conduct their own entrance examinations. The opportunities with these schools is that the number of applicants and hence the competition is lower compared to the other universities. These universities come under the pool of deemed universities which have their liberty and freedom to design the examinations and have a different metric system.

The BITSAT entrance is conducted by BITS Pilani which is one of the most reputed university in India and is known to have alumni all over the world. It can be a great start for someone looking at a specialization and study further. Their dual degree programs are the ones to consider with special interest if you are interested in pure sciences and would like to pursue masters in the same field. It leaves you with two degrees with just an additional year’s study as compared to the other courses and is hence flexible with its options.

It has been no news that the engineering seats are selling like hot cakes in India considering the number of job opportunities they create and the market India has expanded itself to. With the growing opportunities of onsite experiences obtaining a global placement is more likely these days. For someone who is looking at a career in engineering, the time is ripe to focus on the entrance exams and look at the schools where they can shortlist them according to their interests and the school ranking and the opportunities they provide.

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