Emily Balcetis: Why You Find Exercise Difficult

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Emily Balcetis: Why You Find Exercise Difficult

Ever wondered how the guy in the gym lifts the weights as a small piece of something and workout as if he was born to do that. How about the times when all you could do was 1 set and you see him working like a  hungry beast. Well, the sure answer, he eats right. Is there something else apart from that? This video is not about the right proteins or less caloric food, it’s much more than that.

Emily Balcetis explains why some people find exercise harder than others  based on research and many social experiments. You might find an answer for you here.

Emily Balcetis

Emily Balcetis is a social psychologist working on the interactive cognitive system where psychological states constrain the basic manner. Her works focus on how motivations, emotions, desires, and goals people hold impact the basic ways people perceive, interpret, and ultimately react to information around them.

Eyes on the prize

Fixed eyes on what you want will pull you there. That’s a great form of motivation to drag yourself to your goal. Not just physically being fit but also mentally. Anthony Robbins in his audio tape, Get The Edge says that most people tend to give up for immediate joy rather than struggling a little for the greatest joy of their life. Which means people are mostly concerned in getting rid off the pain for a moment than wanting a long lasting pleasure. And there are people who still say we don’t live in the moment 🙂 😛 Keeping aside my previous sentence let’s focus on the topic.

As Emily Balcetis says, keeping eyes on the prize leads to the prize itself. One of my friend’s and my favourite mantra is to say “It’s burning” whenever we exercise. It reflects energy within. Seeing immediate pain as a relief to your long lasting problem can be a great motivation. The moment when you feel like giving up, when it doesn’t seem worth it, that is where change happens.

Quotes To Keep You Motivated For Workout
  • The body achieves what the mind believes. 
  • Weight loss is not a physical challenge, it is a mental one.
  • You are always stronger than you think you are
  • When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.
  • If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
  • Complaining won’t burn calories.
  • You have two choices for tomorrow. You can be sore or sorry. 

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