Our Doubts Are Our Traitors – William Shakespeare

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Our Doubts Are Our Traitors:

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Quote of the day: our doubts are our traitors

Our doubts are traitors. And make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.

– William Shakespeare

What a nice one to start the day with – the doubts we have about ourselves, our capacities and the opportunities we can create for ourselves. It is natural for all of us to be in crossroads when something new comes our way and we do not have the experience to tackle it. The natural response for most of us is doubt, uncertainty among a lot of other things.

Unfortunately it stands in the way of our stepping into action or planning a success. And even if we do, we are constantly scouting for pitfalls. I am not saying that all of us do it, but it sure does bring us down and waste our time while someone else seizes that opportunity and makes it happen. Not that they were smarter or more experienced than you or me, but because they acted first. When we were talking about the 15 things which you will never hear successful people say, we talked about how they react to uncertainty – instead of doubting whether they could do something, they replace it with a thought as to what would make them achieve the goal, the mind races to the capacities they need to do that and they take action about it which really sets them apart.

Whereas, the one in doubt still wonders what to do about it. We are not saying that we should jump at every little thing our way, but we are saying that instead of doubting ourselves – in this case our traitors, why not tap on to that adventurous spirit within us and see where it can lead. Who knows, it might end up rewarding us immensely. Having said all this, we do not curb the careful spirit within us which prevents us from taking foolish decisions. We understand that a decision has to be a combination of our emotions and the intellect. It cannot simply be one ruling over the other, the trick has to be in a co-existence between the two.

And that’s what we gather when we say – “Our Doubts are our traitors” – they are not all bad – sometimes they are extremely crucial for the things we have to do next. They are much needed to set the pace right and help us be cautious about things that are precious to us. But they cannot simply let us question ourself too much to the extent that we have to wonder whether we need to take an action or not.

Well, these were our thoughts – yours would certain enrich the readers who are interested in finding the truth and the meaning this quote can have on their lives. Kindly do share your views, we would love to have a discussion going for we really love the spark that comes off every discussion en route 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Our Doubts Are Our Traitors – William Shakespeare

  1. I think the more than “doubt” main traitor is our own “Mind”…..it’s the mind where they are born……So most important thing is to keep your mind happy and free from so called traitors. Doubts are like rolling chair, it will keep you busy but will take you nowhere
    But still I think “introspective doubt” are not the problem in fact they are best to make us prepare for worst situation…The problems are those doubts which are 200% useless and keeps us occupied for no reason…
    Actually currently I am somewhat in a doubtful situation, hence the above lines are haphazardly written….I hope you get my point…..

    1. Hi Mayuresh,

      Great to hear from you. Very interesting views, it reminds me of the quote by shakespeare – the mind maketh the man. And also Mark Twain who says I have faced many a terrible things in my life – most of which never occurred. I could not agree more with you, the doubts most time take the destructive role and very little useful comes out of it.

      I think it helps to look at doubts in the perspective you explained. When the doubts are about our capacities you are right, we should keep them as away as possible. At the same time, we might be able to use these doubts as pointers to something to prepare for eventualities. I guess each of these emotions are pretty useful in their own ways. We probably have to do the hard work of segregating which ones are useful and which ones are to avoid..



  2. Vinay, the line “We probably have to do the hard work of segregating which ones are useful and which ones are to avoid..”..explains all…
    Great, you are the one who has deep understanding of things and that’s the reason I keep reading your blogs…you really make things so clear. I feel glad to tell you that today I was reading about’s Gopal Krishna Gokhale budget speech of 26th March’1902, explaining British Hypocrisy, After reading it one thing immediately stuck my mind was about your thoughts and writing, you explain things the way Gokhale explained British Hypocrisy in India. I keep praising time and again about your thoughts and writing, mind you 🙂 I really mean it…..To be frank I really like to let people know how good they are, so they keep doing what they are doing….


    1. Mayuresh, I think it is words like these which make me feel what we do here is really worth doing. I can’t tell you how good it feels reading such encouraging words and feeling so good about it. I am really happy to know that we are able to connect with our words – one goal which I have always had as a great aspiration and so happy to know we are able to do it to a certain extent.

      Thanks so much for the generous words Mayuresh. Very happy to include your suggestions as we go on with a few more of our articles. Please do share the Gopal Krishna Gokhale speech address and I would love to include that in one of our main posts. Since it comes highly recommended from you, I can’t wait to share it out here. Thanks so much for constantly encouraging us Mayuresh, Will very much look forward to your opinions and thoughts..

      1. Vinay… actually I read part of that speech in the book “India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipin Chandra”. If you can manage the copy of it, please refer – Chapter 9, Pg 121, 3rd Para
        Will try to search online and if I get it will forward you the link…

        1. Ah I have read that book. I really liked how he has conveyed the message, very simple and straightforward without making a hero or villain of anyone. Quite simply one of the best history books I have ever read.

          Thanks so much mate, that will be very helpful if you can spot it. Would love to share it over here 🙂

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