Don’t Keep Calm, Earth is Being Destroyed by Psychopaths!

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Don’t you keep calm now!

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Keep Calm, earth is being destroyed by psychopaths

This is one of the reasons why I like facebook so much. Of late, I think the number of quotes we are exposed to are becoming more on the internet and more so, they are becoming funnier and sensible!

All along, we are taught to be calm, tolerant and unreactive to the stupidity around us. The most common rationale that is imposed on us is that it simply doesn’t deserve our time or emotions. So, before jumping in, I would like to ask you a question –

” What should you do when you see something intolerable is happening in front of you? “

I do understand that the propensity is to say – It depends. But I would really like to know what your tendency is and why.

The usual responses are

  1. Ignore
  2. Fight
  3. Tolerate

It would be unfair of me to select any one of these and take a side. So, let us try and reason each one of these approaches

  • Ignore

This is not the easiest thing to do, especially when it is a matter you care deeply about. And it also depends on the impact of the issue. But more often than not, we are taught to do this in the society, in order to keep ourselves safe, the ones we care about safe and to avoid any general inconvenience around it.

However, it also sends out a message to the perpetrators that there is no opposition to what they do.

  • Fight

This is more of a gut reaction and internally, I believe that we all go through the fight. Few times, it does become vocal and create a bit of a tension in the air. But it has a great opportunity of solving something.

At the same time, there is a real danger of it putting you in a situation where you might not want to be.

  • Tolerate

Most books say that this is a mature thing to do, but I am really not too sure about it. And this is where the quote holds so great. People will continue doing those things unless there is a stop on it. And the easier thing to do is to wait and hope for someone else to stop it so that we don’t have to go through the outcomes of it.

But then again, that approach cannot sustain for long. It does end up biting us.

So what is our suggestion?

I know we have talked about a lot of things about staying calm or acting out and what not. But these are too open ended unless there is a proper situational touch to it.

Either ways, it would be a bit unfair to keep quiet all the time. It reminds me of the quote which says – it is a shame that the foolish ones are so loud and the clever ones are so quiet. So, for the external world, the only thing that appears on the outset is insane idioticity while the intellectuals roam with a smug belief that they do not belong to the world. Does that excuse them from the responsibility of escaping from the world?

What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Keep Calm, Earth is Being Destroyed by Psychopaths!

  1. A very timely article on the pertinent issue that we do have psychopaths around us who are trying to destroy the peace of the planet. Be it religion, culture, or social sphere, they are to be found almost everywhere. There is a limit to ignore and tolerance, sometimes, one just can’t help but stand up and fight.

    1. So true Maniparna, I read somewhere that it is not the lack of good people, it is the inaction of the good ones that leads the world to be overrun by idiots. And they seem to have all the confidence in the world to do the wrong things and influence everyone around whereas the intellectuals just seem to think about it and ponder with limited effect. Guess the time for action is more than the need of the hour now.

  2. I think we tend to go with the crowd, since if we don’t do that, there is a risk of social backlash.

    But then we need to weigh against moral values too, if we have.

    So think and act.

    1. Indeed Alok, there is always a danger in going away from the crowd. And society never really is going to appreciate you for that, atleast not the initial few days. It takes a bit of time and struggle to prove that your point is right and the kind of following you get with time will be simply amazing !

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