Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something! Not even me!!

I love this dialogue for the essence it creates, every part of it, the delivery, the intonations and above all, the message is so clear and powerful.

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At every point of our lives, we have had naysayers. I have always wondered why people are so negative and sometimes even wonder why I am so negative in perceiving people around me. What they are trying to do, is send a message and that message most times need not be about me. I think the best suggestion  anyone could ever offer is none at all. We all know deep down what we want to do and somewhere down the line, the how shall also appear, almost magically as if it was a part of the story.

We have been in places where people have promoted us even when we are bad and we realize they were looking out for us, protecting us from getting hurt. There were times when we felt weak and the others stood up in strength and pulled us through. Although these times can be counted with the fingers on one hand, they do tell us quite a lot!

At the other end of the spectrum, there have been times when no one would believe what you are up to and at the same time, it makes us question as to whether we are doing the right thing! The pursuit almost certainly brings the question whether it is worth all the trouble. When these moments come, the one question that has always helped was “WHY” .Why it all started in the first place, what was the cause for things to start and that is the most beautiful answer which gives us the strength to push further. It certainly doesn’t make sense to quit, not because it seems hard, not because it seems distant. The idea and the irony always is to pursue.

Most times we have had the most loved ones pull us away from doing something cos they are looking out for us, most times we have had the neutral ones being completely objective and saying it is not going to work and the ‘realists’ countering every line of dream! They are all there to play a beautiful role, to test you, to put you on your knees and above all to make you strong to take care of your dream. I am not asking to be a bigger man by not blaming any but it certainly is a helpful way, acidity is never a good thing and the only reason being is that it hurts from within.

It’s our dream, our passion, somthing that defines us and makes us what we think we are. If we do not protect them, if we do not fight for them, who else would? Who else would stand up for what you believe in? The concept is not to have a green pasture all along. There are rough brown patches and that is also a beauty in its own self, respect it, thank it cos there is a lot more green you can create. Naysayers are Naysayers, just cos someone could not live a dream doesn’t mean you cannot. It just means they did not strive enough.

I may say a lot of things here, I may mention a lot of quotes but beyond that all that matters is your inner mettle. Make it all matter!

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  1. Hi, This is an interesting post about believing in yourself. But I also think that when we say ” Don’t let people say you cannot do something” we must also remember that everyone cannot do everything. Some of us can do something and some do something else. But what each of us can do is unique and that has to be recognized and appreciated!

    • Thank you Meera 🙂 ..

      True everyone may not be very well equipped to do everything. But at the same time if we offer the persistence and action something would demand I’m sure there’d be a way to accomplish it. I think how much we want something would go a long way in telling how close we get.

      Thank you for your thoughts Meera. Would love to see more of such lovely thoughts coming

    • Thank you my mate. You always have such nice words to say. I really loved writing this one. And the quote and the thought of proving the inner mettle – class at its own accord 🙂

  2. suggestion is a powerful thing…when we do hear a number of people telling us that you cant do it, the idea kind of settles in your head. But I think people who say that, actually believe that we can…and out of fear or jealousy that we may actually succeed, or out of the fear of how their lives may change if we succeed, or just because they cant do it themselves or have preconceived notions about it, try to stop us from doing what we want. but like you have rightly said, “beyond that all that matters is your inner mettle. Make it all matter!” nice write up 🙂

    • Thank you Preethi 🙂 . That’s a lovely thought, it makes a perfect validation – people who say that actually believe we can! Jealousy, preconceived notions, and more reasons to add but like you said- what matters is the inner mettle 🙂