Don’t believe in your doubts

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It always seems to be a common practice to think about all the negatives before taking a decision. Most times I think I do that since I want to be able to be on the right side of the decision making. Or most times I realize I do it to avoid hurting myself in the far future. Or sometimes the reasoning is as simple as – I am really afraid!

  • But does that really matter? What is important? – The fear or winning over it? Or the assumed thought of what may not happen or the result what we are after?!
  • Most times I have procrastinated actions with a lot of rationalizations, a lot of reasoning and justifications, but looking back I realize none of them ever mattered.
  • What is more important? Is it the result or just the plain ego of trying to gratify oneself and feel better by not trying.
  • Is being afraid so important than actually losing out on something? Is fear more important or the sense of going after and doing something?

Shakespear seems to have a right view – Our doubts, the questions, the hitches are really our traitors. They delude us, put us away from action as much as possible for whatever reasons we may offer to ourselves or the others. But do they really matter? The delusions or the illusions are never the answers, it all finally boils down to one good reality – Truth and Action! 

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