Doing the right thing

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Oprah Winfrey quotes, Quote analysis, success and failure quotes,what makes us smile quotes,  motivational quotes on maintaining innocence, inspirational quotes on doing the right thing.Integrity, humility, character, personality – They all sound such great words don’t they? In each of these words, lie as undertones the true definitions and depths that we all have lived at some part of our lives, maybe knowingly or unknowingly, maybe to make a difference, maybe to make a statement to the world or maybe to tell ourselves that we definitely are much bigger than what we think. No matter what reason we have done it with, we all have stood up to these at some point in our lives and it does feel beautiful.

I am not advocating that we shouldn’t take the credit for the hard work we have done. We most certainly should, it has taken our hard work, our sweat and so many emotions that have gone through in making that one thing happen. But there certainly are some simple things in our lives which we can afford to do, maybe that is what defines character. It is sometimes very easy to do something knowing that the outside world expects it, sometimes it makes our life very easy making very clear as to what the outcome should be. But there are also those situations where it is not clear, where no one is going to know what decisions we took, no one is going to know how much we strived to make it happen and we very much knew that as well. But even then we did get that energy, the surge to do that something, that something which never promised us anything but it gave us an outcome much bigger than all of those, an acknowledgement, a sense of true accomplishment and a pat on the back saying we are who we are and the one beautiful smile which says it all….


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4 thoughts on “Doing the right thing

  1. Hello Vinay! Today reading your post (doing the right thing)was like I got all my answers. I will like to thank both of you &Ophrah Winfrey for making me so light . May God bless you..

    1. Thanks jyoti. Can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel to be reading this beautiful comment. Thanks so much for writing to us 🙂 .. Very very happy !

      As for the post, glad that it helped. The moment I read that quote , it was a very blissful experience and very hard to stop myself as well .. Truly uplifted upon this now 🙂

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