Doing The Additional Good Thing in Life

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The Additional Good Thing!

I kinda want to say all good things are overrated. And then after I read this statement below, I thought to myself – well “Whole Life” is also a bit overrated. The simplest reason for me to think like this is that it is too large to think of and way beyond what we can imagine. Of course, we all have a plan and a way we want our lives to go ahead. But there are so many things that happen in our everyday life that some of them form a part of the big picture, while many of them are about living life one day at a time.

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Doing the additional good thing

Now, this school of thought might make me appear like a short term/fatalist view point person. Maybe it is. I feel that I have burned a few opportunities just because I was trying to be very practical and seeing if it makes a part of my future plan. But then the stint with entrepreneurship taught a lot of things. And one of those was doing beyond what was expected out of you. And that is something which makes you invaluable for the person who you work with.

The Good Thing Vs Following the Rules

Everyone does the tick box exercise, most people try to follow the rules and ensure that they follow the rules and manage the expectations which people or their bosses have from them. But very few of them go outside of that and say – How can I make it more effective, how can I improve this and how can it be of more value to this. Of course none of this means that you are going to get a hike the next day, nor does it mean that you will be branded as the boss’ pet. But it does mean that you are going over and beyond what is expected out of you and people will not be able to neglect you at ease.

This way, you change the focus of your supervisor from – “Should I retain or hire this guy or give him a x% of hike?” to “What else can this person do? Can I entrust more challenges and responsibilities to him?”

The moment you have made this shift in that person, it is almost like the difference between playing to win and playing not to lose. You may say that both of them are the same, but there is a huge difference in inspiration when you play not to lose. It makes you defensive and completely removes the creative juices from you. Instead when you are playing to win, to do that additional good thing, life surely can turn around and make the difference you always wanted.

After all, it is about a bit of perspective right? What do you think?

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