Doing counts more than knowing

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Knowledge is power! How often have you heard this? How often have you felt that – it is a beautiful statement, true knowledge is true power. To be honest, it sounds like an 80’s cliché to me. I do agree though, knowledge definitely is power. It is a beautiful source of energy. But when does it translate into energy? Is it the sheer knowledge or what we do with that knowledge?

We are a part of a cultural tuning where education has taken the prime importance in life and rightly so. But in the entire melee of things, there is something which is forgotten, the beauty of acting upon it. We all know the right things to do, but what holds us back? Is it the fear that we might go wrong? Is it the inertia? Is it the simple clinical term lazy that is holding us back?

 Well the reasons might be plenty and very well justified as well. But it still doesn’t answer a lot of things, the realistic importance of acting upon it over the theoretical importance of analyzing it further. If I were to have a say on this, I would say, for god’s sake ACT! It is going to lead you somewhere. Doesn’t necessarily mean the perfect way, but a good way still, it is more important to act than gather knowledge and ascertain a degree of perfection. There is a lot of time lost in the entire process. Ask yourself – what is more important, the knowledge or the difference that it can make to you!


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