Do you think your journey is impossible?

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I’ve had the privilege of meeting quite a few interesting people along, some more talented than the other with the intelligence levels ranging to the highest, class valedictorians, computer geniuses, mathematical divas and people who could recite a book in a minute. And most of them had fascinating dreams and they could talk about it with such fervor and passion that I was almost blinded by it. Now when I meet them and try to ask them about their aspirations, some have gone ahead and made it big while the others are still in the same place where we were a few years ago.

When I ask them the one common answer I received was that the pursuit of goal was very difficult, the challenges were bigger than anticipated and somehow they found it easier to drop it and quit. They said it was impossible. My question was and is – Did they really start? Why was it so impossible? I mean this is a world where people have gone on to make big achievements, that too with such modest backgrounds. Not many of them had a silver spoon or all the facilities but they still went ahead and did wonderful things in their life. No wonder things were difficult for them, but they did make a start, they realized that there were a lot of ways that things don’t work and a lot more ways they can. They took continuous feedback from the happenings around and followed what was important to them very passionately. Of course things are going to be difficult for us, but impossible? Come on, we all know what that means! It is just another way of saying that we are too afraid to lose. But if you are that afraid to lose, you will never start. And if you never do, then you have already lost, haven’t you?!



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  1. i would like to add some thing to this..a quote by a legendary film director james cameron , who has directed master pieces like titanic , abyss , avatar; when asked about whether or not he never felt the fear of loosing while he was embarking on the most ambitious , costly and not yet attempted by anyone kinda project avatar , he said “WHATEVER YOU DO IN YOUR LIFE , FAILURE MAY BE AN OPTION BUT FEAR IS NOT “..this quote inspires me a lot..

    1. Thank you Namrata 🙂 .. I think the journey is one of the most beautiful bit and a highly underrated one. I have Always been a fan of how it takes care of itself.. Nothing short of sheer magic 🙂

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