Do you do what you say?

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Actions speak louder than words- Don’t they? Well given a chance I think we all have a grand scheme of things for ourselves and we all certainly do have a very high opinion of ourselves. There is definitely nothing wrong with it, we most certainly must have a high amount of self respect or it is very easy to be taken for granted in this world. And with this premise we certainly do expect others too to respect us the same amount as we do for ourselves.

Well the tough news is that others wont. No matter how much you bribe them, cajole them, shout at them, beg them – they are not going to do that, atleast not sincerely. But thought is, do we actually need that? I mean I do agree it is great to listen to the supportive words of people around us and hope that they reciprocate the same way in the future as well. In the light of this, we often tend to talk about the things that we have done, sometimes very relevant to the topic of discussion and sometimes very irrelevant. And sometimes we are so clever that we find a connecting point to talk about us and establish how great we actually are.

But wait a minute, do you actually need to do that? Why would you want to do it in the first place? I agree it is for others to respect you. Would you be in a place to respect someone if they keep bragging about themselves and talking how great they are? Well that’s cheap isn’t it? Would you respect someone who keeps talking about himself all along? I assume not. Then perhaps sometimes it is best to realize that there are things which speak more than the mere words, it is the beauty of silence and the words of an accomplishment which travel far more than you think.



5 thoughts on “Do you do what you say?

  1. Expectation is the cause for all heartburn. One thing i do understand is that its better not to expect anything from anyone. Even simple basic respect . While there are people who do what they say, there are people who do one thing in front of everyone and another in their absence. And if you are trying to be nice, good, a sincere happy for yourself. don’t expect others to be thankful for it or respect you for it. That way we can be happy that we do what we say and want. And i simply love your last line. We are what we do, lets not worry about what people make of it. don’t you think ? My comment may be a little off in relation to your post..but this is what came to my mind 🙂

    1. Thank you Preethi :). It is completely on topic. Expectation certainly is the result of all heartburn and the more painful factor is we start expecting from scenarios where our control is limited. This way, it not only hurts us that we didn’t get it but also hurts that we couldn’t do anything about it.

      Sometimes I feel that Karmayoga might be the best description of how to lead life, although hard, the principles seem fantastic every time I read it.

      I agree, expecting someone to be thankful or respectful might be actions in vain. Instead just doing it cos we like doing it and for the purpose of doing alone might take us a longer way. And finally I guess we are what we are with areas we can improve upon 🙂

  2. Absolutely right question. If we seriously ask the same question to ourselves, we can save us from several wrong doing factors but the problem is we set some ‘what we say’ (rather what should be done) factors for suggesting others not exactly implementing in our actions..

    1. Thank you Mousumi :). Nice to hear from you! Very true Mousumi, I guess all these factors, the sayings and quotations are the thoughts on the back of our mind, something that defines us, makes us think the way we want to. Although a complete 100% is a misnomer, I guess the impact it creates on a continual basis is impressive.

      And true, it’s perhaps a little easy for us to factor those rules for others – kinda like ” Do what I say and not what I do”! Maybe one of the reasons is that we think we are what we say but others seem to digress on that. Maybe the process is about the journey and trying to live up to those as much as possible 🙂

      Thank you for the thoughts Mousumi, would be lovely to keep hearing more from you.


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