Do we need to shout to be heard?

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How often have we felt that we need to shout to make our opinions heard? Maybe at our team mates, our bosses, colleagues, the market vendor, the person violating a traffic light, so on and so forth. I am sure given an average day there are a hundred and thousand things which can completely irritate us to the core and we wonder as to how to make it work in our favour.

The most immediate stock response that comes to mind is venting out the anger, shouting at the person who wronged you and hoping that they would understand what you mean when you shout. But  isn’t this true – If a person has not been able to understand the first time you told them so patiently and explained it to them bit by bit, would shouting the same thing to him make any difference? If any, it might just antagonize him further. Odds are that if he is an introvert, he keeps it to himself, runs it over his head a couple more times and feels bad about it. Is your purpose served? I mean the work or the thing that has to be corrected remains the same – all you have done in the process is that hurt a person who is important to you, made sure that he is never going to do something for you as a favour and almost instantly terminated a good relationship with him/her! The question is – Is it all that necessary? I understand that the first immediate response is to shout.

But if you are an elevated person, let me ask you this – what is more important to you – Shouting at someone for the job not done or getting the job done? I am guessing it is the second one which is of the higher priority. The first phase is done, the damage has happened; now we can sit and do a postmortem on it or accept the blame and try solve it better. That’s probably what Oprah is trying to say- raising your voice is definitely easy, the quality of your life and personality, not the easiest bit and that’s perhaps why so few people do it!



12 thoughts on “Do we need to shout to be heard?

  1. I don’t think so that we need to shout to be heard, but sometimes we need to shout to let others hear it properly. Might be I am wrong but sometimes we human being lost our patience as well.

    1. Agreed Alok! There is always an exception to the rule. I’m sure I can recall tons of occasions of shouting and I also recall feeling bad after it more times. The temporary relief has sometimes caused a greater damage and the effort taken to repair has been more than the voice itself 🙂 ..

      But like you said, all humans here and making the mistakes is definitely mre than welcome as long as it doesn’t hurt 🙂

  2. This reminds me of the great martyr Bhagat Singh, he raised his voice in order to make the deaf listen. However, he also had raised his words. A hollow yell can bring no change.

    1. Thank you Namrata :). He is one heck of a hero, I have always been fascinated every time I read about him.. I completely agree, a hollow yell is a sign of desperation and no one would even want to respond to that. Every voice is stronger only with the content and the persona behind 🙂

  3. I like the way you think of simple day to day things and make an inspiring post out of it. nice post 🙂 I agree with what you say. All that yelling ruins our day too…assuming we are not bothered about anyone else. But I do find that people use yelling and shouting as defense when they know they are wrong, or just to shut the other person from telling the truth or to just show they are in control or the more powerful person in the situation. I have seen people who not only shout but cry, throw tantrums, feign hysteria for the same purpose. For even simple day to day things.. sadly, it ruins the atmosphere, whether it is work or home. And it becomes a habit. And that kind of negativity can be contagious. But as you rightly said…instead of regretting our actions..its better to stay calm in the first place. 🙂

    1. Thank you Preethi :).. It’s a breather to hear from you on a post. Am so glad that you like the posts, will keep them coming in the same gusto.

      So true Preethi, so often even I’ve seen people using it as a defense mechanism so that someone else shouldn’t shout at them. Y’day I was driving and right opp to me are a pair of guys coming in full speed in the wrong way. He looks at me , points his jan towards me and shouts, starts swearing. I didn’t even know how to react to that. I wanted to get down and slap him real hard. But then the moment passed, the whimsical feel of slapping him made me grin .. I guess it maybe a defense mechanism, similar to the tantrums you mentioned. I guess it does take a lot of experience to try and understand what people really mean !!!

  4. Frankly, i don’t think any amount of experience can help us understand what people exactly mean…isn’t that what is fascinating about human behavior? 🙂 It drives me crazy.. but its amazing as well. Do I sound like a nut? 😛

    1. He he I completely with you on this Preethi :).. It’s probably never possible to understand someone completely . All we can do is just try an try and try once more .. And it’s definitely fascinating ! And probably the most exciting since everything keeps changing every single time 🙂

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