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With the Wimbledon win against Federer, the whole world seems to be chanting Djokovik and why not? It was a splendid match and an amazing victory. One of the finest matches I have seen. Although I would have loved to see Federer win the match a little more it is just my obsession towards him. But in the end, the better man won the game and a well deserved title.

After a very successful post on Federer – Play with the pain and more Federer quotes, we bring you today a select few powerful Novak Djokovik quotes. For inspiration is all around us and it will be a shame not to capitalize on that. Here you go with 6 Splendid Inspirational Quotes from Novak Djokovik and their meaning, analysis.

Novak Djokovik Inspirational Quotes 1: 

in terms of playing ability there is no difference djokovik quote, djokovik quotes meaning, djokovik inspiration, djokovik life inspiration, djokovik self improvement

In terms of playing ability, there is nothing to choose between number one and number 100. Instead, it is a question of who believes and who wants it more? Which player is mentally stronger? Which player is going to fight the hardest in the big points? These are the things that determine who is the champion.

There simply isn’t is there? I mean almost everyone we meet in this world is absolutely talented. Talent alone never ensured success for anyone. It has always taken more than that. Not just for Djokovik, for everyone in history. If we look at the biggest successes in life – these were not the brightest or the smartest people in the world. There sure were smarter ones and more capable ones who simply faded away. Not cos they did not have the stuff in them – they had loads of it. Read : Talent – Most People Succeed in life because they are determined to

But the funny thing about the world is that talent alone can take you only this far – to the top ring. From then on, there is very small difference between the rank 1 and the rank 100. But it is the commitment, the reason why and the passion which makes all the difference. The one who is going to stick his head out and moves towards his goal undaunted is the one who is headed to a win. Not the most talented, not the most well trained – that all fades off. In the end, the spirit matters a lot more than just he game.

Novak Djokovik Inspirational Quotes 2: 

You cannot take for granted quote meaning novak djokovik, novak djokovik inspirational quotes, djokovik inspiration in life, djokovik for self improvement

You cannot take for granted anybody. You can’t underestimate any opponent

Everyone is important. Every challenge we face in life is very important. Sometimes we tend to look at them in a much smaller fashion, maybe cos it seems easier that way. But we cannot afford to underestimate that. Every problem, every situation is an opportunity, a chance to set things right, a chance to bring balance into life and take it into control. We cannot taken anyone or anything for granted cos that is when the surprises hurt the most.

Novak Djokovik Inspirational Quotes 3: 

luck falls not only on the brave djokovik quote, djokovik inspirational quotes, djokovik motivational quotes, djokovik life quotes

I think luck falls on not only the brave but also the ones who believe they belong there

A lot has been said about luck. People have varied opinions about luck and we have talked about it in length in our previous articles. A funny thing about luck is that if favours the one who stays there long enough to make it work for him, for it to make the difference. But at some level, we all have to believe that we are lucky, we all have to believe that things are going to work our way. Read: Luck Is believing you’re lucky

It is not that stupid optimism we are talking about here. We don’t really care about that. It is not even about hope. It is more than that, it simply is more than that. It is in being adamant that things are bound to work for us when we do everything in our capacity and sometimes even go beyond our capacity to achieve what matters the most to us. Luck simply is not the commodity of the brave. We just have to be bullish enough to believe that we are lucky no matter how many times things have gotten screwed for us!

Novak Djokovik Inspirational Quotes 4: 

novak djokovik inspirational quotes, when the last point is done quote meaning, djokovik quote meaning, djokovik inspiration, djokovik motivation

When the last point is done, we are humans. Give your opponent a hug and say “Great Fight” and that’s all!

A game is just a game sometimes, it is not the end of the world. We all see the two faces – a win and a loss and they all make a lot of difference to each one of us individually. It gives the motivation to try hard and force ourselves to achieve our goals or it puts us down and makes us feel miserable. Read: You cannot let the lows dampen your spirit – Saina Nehwal

No matter what it makes us feel, when the last point is done, when whatever we are competing for is achieved or even when we are competing, we need to remember that we all are humans in the end and a game or a competition is just a competition and nothing else. We need to learn to treat it that way. The more personal we take these things, the more they can affect us and make our lives miserable if we let that.

What really matters is that ability to step out of it and respond to humanity a little more than that. For, after all, people are a lot more important than just a game.

Novak Djokovik Inspirational Quotes 5: 

djokovik tennis is my life quote, djokovik inspirational quotes, djokovik motivational quotes for life, djokovik self improvement quotes

Tennis is my life, obviously; I need to focus, I need to win. But it is not the only thing, I’m not going to play forever.

 There are multiple facets to every personality. A career, a job or a profession is just a part of us and that is all it is. There is a lot more which defines who we are – not just on the human front but also on the achievement front. There is not just the game, there is the emotional aspect of being who you really are. There are relationships which demand our commitment and energy. There are these finances which need to be sorted. There is our business which we need to handle.

So many facets of being a person and being you or me. We can’t let one thing be everything for us. People might say a lot about achievement and unified focus. It is great to have that. But we should also be aware that life is bigger than just one specialization .It simply is pointless to cling on to only one domain and say that you will be there forever. There is a lot that needs to be done in every one of those fields which matter to you.

Novak Djokovik Inspirational Quotes 6:

tennis is a mental game djokovik, djokovik quotes inspiration, djokovik motivational quotes, djokovik life quotes, djokovik self improvement quotes 

Tennis is a mental game. Everyone is fit, everyone hits great forehands and backhands

Isn’t everything a mental game, a mental exercise? Every one we compete against in this world is supremely talented and that is the way it is going to be – rightly so. Or else it simply doesn’t make any sense playing against an easy opponent. It doesn’t help us improve or achieve anything. And it is great to be playing at that level of competition.

In the end, everything is quite simply a mental game and we need to be aware of that. We need to respect our opponents and their strengths and capacities and try and stay ahead of them. It is not just about reading your competition. It is also about staying mentally fit, mentally strong and passionate enough to carry that strength to massive success.

These were our top 6 Novak Djokovik quotes. Stay tuned in for more.

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6 thoughts on “Djokovik Quotes: 6 Djokovik Inspirational Quotes – When The Last Point Is Done We Are All Humans And More..

  1. It was a great fight last night. After the second set, I thought federer came back with a bang. But he commited too much unforced errors. Even I expected Federer to lift the trophy for the record 8th time, but as you said better man won. Wonderful post.

    1. I loved the match Gowtham. Although I don’t watch much of tennis, this one match had me on my seat 😀 . I only wish Feddy had given a stronger fight though. But in the end, the better man won and Djokovik showed his mettle all through the game. A very very tough competitor and a great performer indeed 🙂

  2. “Luck falls on not only the brave but also the ones who believes they belong there” that’s the statement we all must live to experience what we exactly want from our lives. So powerful! So true!

    1. Indeed Tara, that particular quote spoke to me too. I really love the additional aspect he has put into it, the belief in people that they seriously belong and the aspiration to do more.. Very powerful indeed 🙂

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