Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice

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Very elegant isn’t it? Fills us up with such an energetic burst when we see this quote. Let us try and explore why and what it is trying to say


What does this mean? Does it mean that we are leading our lives our own simple ways and BAM! Something happens and it changes the course of our lives. Is it as simple or complicated as that? Does it mean that it is so easy for something to happen and take care of our entire life? Don’t we have a say in it at all?


I am not going to say this is the only right thing about the quote. But let us see why I would try and side this part of the quote. For one, it puts the responsibility back on my head which makes life simply easier. If I am put on the spot and made responsible, the first thing I would like to go out and do is to find a way to solve this and get to the place where I can fix it and offer a solution. The whole approach changes here since I am answerable to my own self and I am bound to make it happen since it is my life

Is it choice or really just a chance factor?

Well either could be right! Or either could be wrong! Could I be more equivocal or probably simple plain nuts? Well either cases, I am sure something would have happened, let us call that an event. We all know the outcome we are looking at. And perhaps the event takes us off course from the desired outcome. Now there are possibly two choices

  • Blame it on the chance factor. Tell that it is someone else’s mistake. Destiny played a cruel joke on us. Find a way to live with it and an alternate choice
  • Or, FACE IT! Of course there is an outcome which you perhaps do not like. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything about it. I am not saying there is always a solution. Maybe a few times there is no solution or maybe the solution appears sometime later. It may not dawn at the exact moment. Know that the final outcome can still be in your control if you know what exactly you are looking at. A little beyond what appears to be and a little toward what is.


Well it is our life isn’t it? We can do either of the two. We can be angry or we can dive in and start searching frantically for a solution. Either ways, I would say, lets calm down a bit. After all let us try and figure out what we really are after. That will lead you to destiny, to what you want and the way you want. Sometimes it is great to be challenged, to be put on the spot and made to question a lot of things, by both others and ourselves. Well questions are always the best things! They lead you to the answers you want. Make sure you ask the right ones 🙂

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