#Describe Yourself In 3 Words

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#Describe Yourself In 3 Words

I was checking out twitter today and I see that the top trending post today is:Β “Describe Yourself In 3 Words”

“Describe Yourself In 3 Words”

This is pretty interesting. When I was in the corporate sector and used to attend those seminars, they used to do this exercise as an icebreak or a way to introduce ourselves to others.

What is the point of this exercise?

Of course one reason is to know what we are and who we are and sometimes what values we represent the most or what matters the most to us. I see a wide range of tweets, some say – ‘Better than you’, someone else said – ‘Never Gives Up’, some other ‘Born To Race’. I still don’t completely understand the point as to why this is on the top trends of twitter today. But I have always loved introspecting myself and today I am thinking out loud as to what 3 words describe me.

I still remember my first corporate retreat where they had asked me to describe myself in a sentence and I had proudly written – “I’m a passionate dreamer who believes in making my dreams come true”. Apparently they liked it so much that I was invited to the stage to speak about it. And naturally I went on the stage, looked everyone in the eye, got really scared and developed a stage fright to mumble a few words and came back to my seat πŸ˜€ .

But it sure was a fun exercise but I would truly like to believe in myself like that. I mean we all have a mission statement in our lives, we all have a definition for ourselves, a thought as to who we are, an idea as to how others should perceive us as and some hope to establish these values and live fully to honor them and guard them with all our heart.

So what are your values? If someone catches you off guard and asks you – What defines you? What do you stand for? What are the thoughts that are most precious to you? What does you character represent? All these questions might seem a little philosophical on the outset but all we are asking here is to define who you think you are. And probably share it with your friends and check what they think about you and it will be worthwhile to see if these two are in tune.

At first I thought I would put ‘An Incorrigible Optimist’ and then I thought I would stand for ‘A Simple Explorer’ and then I thought I would be a little haughty and say ‘An Outstanding Achiever’. Well no matter what you say here, trust me, I am not going to hold you to your word, it will be pretty cool if you are creative with it. Some of them said – ‘Cant follow instructions’. Well, it is a simple question isn’t it? We all can write paragraphs about ourselves. How about 3 words today and maybe the other words can be added with time.

We’re all ears πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “#Describe Yourself In 3 Words

  1. Facing a large group of people for the first time and, speaking in front of them really need a lot of courage. I don’t have a stage fright,but I was really scared when back in 2009, in a New Year Bash, they selected me as the ‘New Year Diva” and called me on the stage to accept the prize and requested me to say something. Uff! I was trembling literally. Out of excitement and nervousness πŸ˜€

    In 3 words, I’m “an incorrigible dreamer” …. πŸ™‚

    1. The diva is an incorrigible dreamer :).. Coool.. He he, I can understand the nervousness of facing a crowd! Sheesh!! But you did come up with something really cool and inspiring. Kudos to that Maniparna πŸ™‚

  2. Optimistic….Positive and last but not the least…empathetic….

    Yeh..Vinay have you change the option for the comments on the site…I Earlier I used to get comment option directly under the article..

    1. Empathetic! Now that’s a nice one Mayuresh :). Empathy is one of the hardest skills to master and have as a value in life. Nice to know that it is rated as high to be a part of the definition of you. Kudos my friend πŸ™‚

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