Denial Denial Denial !!!

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Calvin always finds a way to get the thought process on a rubric and this time he manages to put it out through denial! What state do we live in? Denial !? – Naa I don’t think so. Is that a denial??? Well That gets me thinking!!

It is so strange that knowingly or unknowingly we spend time on the denials. Most times it is the assumed self respect which comes in the way or the assumed thought of who we are and what we are about. Sometimes it becomes so much simpler and easier to accept the facts and move on. Most times I myself have been a victim of the denial. When people say how it feels, I have somehow told them it is quite good or great or some other nonsense like that. Well its a different thing telling people that probably cos not most people are capable enough to relate to the problem at hand. But what are the real dangers here?



And of course my answer is denial to oneself. Sometimes things become a little too easy to accept things the way they are. I know it hurts the self but that comes out as the only way to find a solution. Someone comments that we are bad at something. What do we do? Go and attack them for saying so? Or possibly give it some thought for a moment and see if there is an element of truth in that. Of course the point not being telling or apologizing for a very small error but maybe it is a lesson or a feedback to us, It maybe a message telling us there is something which we need to fine tune on. Maybe maybe maybe but I believe the maybe’s are much better than the denial denial denial!!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Denial Denial Denial !!!

  1. i totally agree.. with you .. self introspection is the only way to accept things and people the way they are and accept what people think about us .

    1. Very true mate 🙂 .. I think that’s when change starts, the moment we accept and take responsibility, things will slowly start falling into perspective 🙂

        1. We want it or not, denial sure is the first step towards self introspection or i guess towards anything at all! its more like reflex! everything else hits late…

          1. True true! Definitely true 🙂 .. I think that’s the best part, knowing that denial is a reflex cos that’s when we actually start to work on things and actually make the difference 🙂

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