Decide what you want

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 Why is it important to decide? – Well it is only after you take a decision, you start taking actions that make the decision worthwhile. Unless you decide what you want, you will always keep shooting in the dark without even realizing whether you hit the target or not. It knows where we are headed cos although the unknown is exciting, too much of it is definitely annoying!

How does a typical decision making work?  – Well ideally I would say, we would look at the problem at hand, lament over it for a long time, blame all people around, the govt, the jealous managers, owners, etc. And then we try to analyze the possible scenarios and the corresponding decisions. We tend to analyze as to how and where each decision leads to. After a while, none of these seem realistic and we go back to the first step! Does this look familiar?

What does taking a decision mean? – Well a decision means to cut off all other possible scenarios, options and solutions. You have taken a decision, the imperative is to make it work. It is not that I take a decision, it doesn’t sound great, I will take another and so on.. But I guess most time none of the decisions are perfect. We need to embrace the chaos in order.

How do you make a decision work? – Well simple solution says – Decide to Make it Work! Well that’s where the whole juice of action lies. The stock response when a decision doesn’t work is to curse the decision and try and take another. Sometimes it does make sense but most times it doesn’t! The only way I would say is, it is your decision, if you are not putting effort to make it work, then the decision probably may not work!

What if the decision doesn’t work? – Well, take an alternative decision. No matter what we decide to start, there will always been a strong competition. Most times, the decisions we take might not work, does it mean that we put our hands on the head and say this is all a mistake and I should have never ventured? Or do we realize that it is just a small detour from the original decision and make changes accordingly?

How to make sure that I took the right decision? – Well more than 90% of the time, the decision we take are wrong. Well, let it be, wrong decisions are still decisions. They make sure you are driven in the right way. That is the time we recognize what the outcome is supposed to be and if the decision in the long or short term adding value to it? And above all, keep making the decisions, keep testing them, the solution would not be that far…

How do I ensure that I am not wrong?  – Stop being a perfectionist! Be wrong! It is ok, it is infact good to know that you are wrong and work accordingly. We can’t ensure that we can never be wrong, but we can always make a conscious decision to try it out. To believe in the decisions and your power to make them work. If you alone don’t believe in your decisions, who else will?

Well…. Stop pondering, and start deciding 🙂



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