Daily Quote : A Man Who Is Nice To You And Rude To The Waiter Is Not A Nice Man

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Daily Quote : A Man Who Is Nice To You! 

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As you see, so shall you perceive right? I have often asked this question to myself – What is the best way to judge a question?

And as soon as I get this one I get a better question – Why should I judge a person? I will never know the complete story! And all I will get to know is only one side of the story and that never is enough to come to a conclusion. So, why base a judgement on wrong data? Isn’t it easier to ignore the question once in for all?

Well! If only it was! I guess we all at some corner of our mind have a metric which likes labeling people. We may not accept it or we may not even like it or it may even be dormant. But it is there, that slight tug to label a person good or bad. There is nothing wrong in that, it just makes our lives easier, keeps us at a certain caution and prepared.

At the same time, we are influenced by what we see or what we hear. And we all have our own individualistic view of the world and we are right in our own way. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person we know and the way they are with us needs to be the same with everyone else.

The Character of a person is what he is in the dark. In other words, the depth of our character is directly proportional to the way we treat the person who is absolutely useless to us! I am paraphrasing of course, but the jist remains the same.

We all are pretty careful with the people who mean a lot to us, there is a veil to this relationship – sometimes a veil of love, sometimes of respect and sometimes of sheer brand building. But there is something even more powerful than the veil of a relationship, it is the true person behind that veil and what they really are. Sometimes it feels pretty easy to fall prey to what we see and easily be impressed by it.

At the same time, it maybe wise to exercise a little caution in understanding a person. One may argue that – what he is to me is all that matters. Then again we need to know that respect is something which comes from and with everyone. If someone is nice to us, it may mean a lot of things

– It may mean that the person is genuinely nice

– It may mean that the person needs a favor from us

– It may mean that the person wants to be a friend

Most times the mind goes to question the behavior of the person with us and rightly so – cos we all want the truth and we want it from the right people. And the truth is a little beyond what we see, a little further than meets the eye and most of all, it is right there in the simple actions to your fellow men, the ones who really aren’t of much material use at that moment in time.

It is a tough pick really! Character or Portrayal? The choice is always ours 🙂

This was our daily quote of the day. If you would like to share a quote on similar lines which you have heard or anything that comes to your mind as you read this, we would love to listen to it.

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