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Risk Appetite!

It’s a fancy word isn’t it – risk appetite, meaning how much risk you are willing to take! It is the same risk appetite which describes the entrepreneurs who have made such a difference to the business world. It is the same risk appetite which has given rise to the political leaders whom we adore and respect so much. It is the same risk appetite which has defined how far people have gone ahead in their lives and the possibilities they can make us think of. It makes me feel as if there is so much of a possibility around us if we open our minds to.

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Taking Risks: Cross the line and bear the consequences

I personally think that decision making is one of the hardest things to do in life. The problem is not that we have to choose between A and B and A is a clear winner over B. The problem is that we have to give up something when we decide to choose A over B. And almost never does A appear as a clear winner as there is always something to lose and we will not be able to pick something up without dropping the other. And that makes the risk of losing something more real and more tangible.

This was the same thing that was running over our mind when we wrote this post – The 7 Sensible Steps To Make Better Decisions Faster and came up with the undeniable truth that decision making is pretty hard and we must be prepared to lose something if we are planning to win at all.

The risk of giving up something

The decision most usually is between a possibility and giving up something which we currently have. We have all heard of the quote – “A bird in hand is better than two in a bush”. On the other hand, we have also heard of the quote – “A ship is safe in the harbour, but that is not what it is built for” which strongly promotes risk taking to achieve something big or commendable in life.

So, where do we go from here? Do we take the conservative route and say that we will go ahead with what we have cos it is safe and there is little to lose this way. But this means that we are taking a bigger risk of not doing something we actually believe in. We are denying ourselves an opportunity which might mean something bigger and beyond our fears.

If we go ahead with the risk, another question pops us saying – It is such a simple and easy life – does it really make sense in complicating this further and going through so much pain just for a possibility?

The way we see it, it is always going to be a risk whether we decide to do something or not to do something. Either ways, we end up losing something. We either lose a safe haven or we lose a dream. We are not trying to say that something is better than the other. Life is about priorities and we get to choose ours. If it was me, I would end up choosing a slightly riskier one cos it would hurt me a little more not to try something and lament in the “could be” and “would be” of life. I can be completely wrong when I say this, but it makes me be at ease thinking that it would be a risk I would be willing to take.


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