Cross The Line! An Inspiring Video

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‘Cross The Line’ Have you come across this idiom? Oh Yea! Don’t you think its familiar? Wait! Isn’t it ‘Don’t Cross The Line’?

Well we have heard the later one many times. Right? Probably, that’s how most of  us were warned by the society and we did follow up to some extent as the meaning of crossing the line meant putting ourselves into troubles.

When I saw the heading of this video I was surprised to see the words ‘Cross The Line’ without a ‘don’t’. Out of curiosity I watched this video and now I understand the importance of crossing the line. I have to tell you that the ‘don’t cross the line’ words which you have have been hearing and ‘cross the line’  idiom which you hear in this video are completely different in context but I am sure its just a few who encouraged you to ‘cross the line’ as in this video.

Watch the video  to know what this ‘cross the line’ is  all about. I am sure it will inspire you.

Cross The Line!
Cross The Line!

Here is the link to the video.

I hope you watched the video, leave us your honest reply on the impact it created.

This video reminded me of the lines by Bill Gates

“If you are born poor that’s not your fault but if you die poor it is your fault”

Well the definition of richness can take as many meanings and as many dimensions as we want to give.

We are born with the ability to gift ourselves our desires and dreams. We have the power to make an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. We have this amazing choice to cross the line, to pass over our mediocrity and unleash our capabilities.

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  1. “It is not easy to cross the line…but it is simple”…if only I could sink in this thought. Love the quote by Bill Gates…As you have rightly pointed the “Rich/Poor” need not be just related to the material world ….it is in true sense multi-faceted. Superb Video….

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