How Cooking Can Change Your Life

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Can cooking change your life? That’s what I wondered as I saw the title. After the end of watching, I realised it does change something. Your perception regarding the diet and consumption food which is tempting.

Most of my life I believed that the cutting out the deep fried, ice creams and chocolates was the must way to lose weight. A friend of mine came up with an experiment, a weird one but yet a popular one, in which all you can drink is water for a few days in a week and the rest of the other days you fill yourself with just a cup of rice or 2 to 3 bananas. How can one survive? I thought. Yet I had to appreciate her effort as the thought of leaving food for days is in itself dreadful. She comes to me after 13 days, I gave a jaw dropping expression. All I said was “Wooh! It works!”

It did work, she lost 3 kgs. I was trying to convince my mind for the same experiment. It took me two straight weeks to convince myself. To my luck, I met her after 10 days and I said “What’s wrong? How come you got everything you lost?” She gained everything she had lost and the worst part was to know she added one more kg to her cart. How dangerous can it be!

It was a simple logic, her body got used to the food which she provided for the first 10 days and gave her the result of weight loss. After 10 days, the body gained back all the weight as she started eating all the food and extra as a bonus for her weight loss experiment. Sometimes, it is good to learn from others mistakes πŸ˜€

A balanced diet with regular exercise is the only way to get in shape and be fit. It is a slow process, but the results are worth it. “You may be slow but you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

This video can be of some help for the ones who are suffering from the temptation of food. Its important to identify whether you are really hungry, as most of the times eating is an easy way to escape from the troubling mind. It is because of desperation to set ourselves happy we end up eating more food than hunger. Its what you associate to happiness that changes your perception on food and mostly junk food.

This video shows an easy way to change your perception of junk food. When you cook food, you realise how much of unwanted calories you are filling in and that can help you eat a healthy diet. As we all know, “when you see it you believe it.”

Our body is a machine which can do great work for us. Let’s treat it with respect and give it what it deserves. Let’s feed ourselves with good food.

“Over weeks and months …you will get addicted to the awesome taste of healthy food…and start wondering why you never did it earlier!”

14 thoughts on “How Cooking Can Change Your Life

      1. Well, so many dishes, but the best one which is the favorite of my wife as well, is known as “Mudi Ghonto” a veg and non-vetg item, in which we use to cook cabbage dish and mix it with fried head of Fish, mainly Rohu or Katla fish.

  1. May be cooking will change my life after I get married :p.

    About loosing and gaining weight, I dont know how people can go for dieting. Moreover, after love and sorry, dieting is the next exploited and misunderstood word of this universe.

    One of my friend wanted to lose weight as she got selected for Indian Navy and also received a TR from medical board. She though that starving for next 45 days would help her to lose weight but I knew that this was gonna left her weak for her hard upcoming military training .

    I suggested her to start running and gyming and later she joined swimming also. She reduce her weight by 10kg in those 45 days. That’s too without starving. m/

    Lots of factors were there like her determination and will to join Navy. All in all , if someone really wants to lose weight , starving ( regarded as dieting by masses) is not an option but balanced food intake with proper physical exercise is.

  2. Definitely starving is not the right way to loose weight. Yoga and Exercise with balanced diet are always fruitful in such cases. Lovely article Vidya…..:)

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