Confidence, The Easy Route By Proving Someone Useless!

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Confidence is a Tricky Thing:

No one has ever made himself great by shoing how small someone else is,
No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is,

I truly believe that confidence is a very tricky thing. There are so many ways we can get our confidence from and the two most popular ones are

  • Internal
  • External

Well there is nothing extraordinary there when I point out the sources. But I think there seems to a mass delusion about the external sources of confidence. There are various events happening around us, some more fascinating than the others. Events like seeing someone create a new world record in swimming, events like a charity organisation showing what it really stands for, events like someone going through incredible difficulties manages to see a flower and smile. It is amazing how inspiration can be drawn from the minutest of the experiences – goes to show how easy it is to keep ourselves motivated if we focus on the right things.

The pain in meeting the ‘Superior’ Kinds

I have had the unfortunate experience of meeting some people who are extremely confident – to an extent you may even call them pompous. It feels quite difficult to be with them, it is as if they are picking on you at every instant and makes you feel if you are actually that small. Although we say we should avoid such people and categorically deny a conversation with them, we both know that there will be situations where we are stuck with them.

I am not going to preach as to how to avoid such people, I am sure you would have devised a few strategies of your own – please do share a few of them with us; it would really help us to learn a few more tricks to avoid some annoying experiences. But I am really curious to understand why people do what they do. One of the most popular schools of thought that has appeared is that these people do it in order to feel good about themselves. It may sound incredibly foolish, but I am sure you would have met your share of people.

These are the people who constantly think that everyone else is wrong. Maybe it is a way of self assuring themselves to say that it is ok for them to be wrong. Maybe it is a way to assert their own dominance and prove how much better they are compared to everyone else. Maybe they do it because they want people to know how smart they are and want to draw attention to their achievements. Perhaps they do it because they are simple plain idiots! But nevertheless they do!

The flip side – A beautiful world around

I have also had the opportunity of meeting some amazing people who always try to find something to appreciate about people. Being with these people makes life appear really simple and easy. Life doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. These are the people who fill you with confidence and make you feel that you are really worth something in life.

Needless to say, the latter are the type of people we need to hang out with. Between the two, I would honestly say that the former is really easy to pull off. It may give some short term results but with a big warning that it is not sustainable. In fact it falls faster than a house of cards and even after the feeling of confidence, we end up feeling lousy about ourselves.

I think there is great strength in drawing inspiration from the ‘Good’ of people. It is important to know that we are not in competition with everyone around us and the moment we consciously realise that, life becomes quite a beautiful experience, filled with the most amazing things on earth. As always the choice is ours and we can choose what we want to look at.


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8 thoughts on “Confidence, The Easy Route By Proving Someone Useless!

  1. Hi Vinay,
    Life has become much easier since I started reading this blog.I want to thank you for the same.I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by both “kinds” of people mentioned by you.And I follow the same stand shared by you…and it works!!..But this wisdom is a hard earned one.Perhaps that’s the beauty of life…keep writing😊

    1. Thank you Pallavi, it is indeed an honour to read such a lovely comment. Means a lot to me and gives us a great deal of motivation to keep coming up with these posts. In the end I think motivation is a wonderful strength within and sometimes all it needs is a little nudge and life will be back to normal or even better than that.

      Warmest welcome to inspire99 and it would indeed be a pleasure to keep hearing from you Pallavi 🙂

    1. Thank you Sapana, I agree greatness is a quality from within and it is all about that satisfaction which we can derive from it. That in itself can be a great amount of confidence. Pushing someone else down is just a sign of weakness and a sign of inferiority complex as well.

    1. Thank you Maitreni, unfortunately I think that is one thing which many do unknowingly and the nicer, polite people don’t even object because they feel it is too rude. Sometimes I guess we just have to be rude.

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