Compliments… No Wonder I smiled :) !

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I was on my regular walking tour with few guests yesterday morning. I was in the market with all the hustle bustle around, I was walking through a vegetables lane, I pass by a vegetable seller and he signals at me calling “Madam..” I turn back thinking he is trying to sell something , he says “I have seen you with a smiling face many times ” I gave him an “Oh ” expression (with an O on my face) I hesitated to smile not sure if he genuinely meant it or was he just trying to grab our attention. Unsure about how to react, I thought silence was the best bet as I moved on! I was about to move ahead and the man calls out again “Madamm…” now I was actually preparing myself to give a stern look at the man, he continues ” Madam, you will always be happy in life, mark my words, you will recall my words someday ” now my face turned out to give a broad smile :). Wow!! The man actually made me happy, I thanked him for his generous compliment and I found myself reliving the moment and smiling the rest of my day.

Very often we realize it is so hard to give a compliment and very less do we realize how hard we make it for someone to give one to us. It was a simple appreciation and I realize it was me who was rude and all the while I thought that the man was being rude. So much for first impressions right? It got me thinking, if I am that hard on receiving a compliment, how hard am I making it for myself to give one to someone else? Maybe I am missing out a lot more… Sometimes it just feels a lot liberating to know that there are umpteen possibilities of reasons to smile and make someone smile, we probably just need to open up and open wide with a broad smile 🙂


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