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When it comes to choosing colleges to study, I believe probably no other decision comes close to equally challenging in a student’s life – sometimes a little more challenging than getting good marks. After all, the question is how do you put these good marks to use and where do you leverage them. Well, the answer is as simple as an extensive research, a knowledge of the different colleges in the country, the kind of job opportunities they provide, the kind of companies they attract and the job opportunities that align along with them. See, it looks like such a neatly aligned package!

We have earlier talked about College Dunia in our website and the kind of information you can identify from it. The last time we spoke, we had talked about the ‘professional courses’ or the usually sought after engineering and medical colleges in India and the competition levels to get to them. The website of course provides a good detail on the same having a brief info of more than about 1000 colleges in India and a platform for students to help them choose an institution and identify people’s views about the same.

Today, as we speak about the commerce colleges in India, we all know about the popular ones in India namely – Symbiosis Pune, St Joseph Bangalore, and a couple more in Delhi. Delhi being the hub naturally seems to attract a lot of colleges especially in the commercial and the MBA domain. Coming to the southern part of the country, there are a few commerce colleges in Andra Pradesh which can be of a certain interest as well. Apart from that, the Bangalore, Chennai ones are also highly sought after.

After all, business draws dearly from commerce and good knowledge on the finance domain sometimes is highly underrated. And talking about opportunities for commerce, there are a listed few in the hyperlink above which you might find interesting. Of course there are a whole lot of jobs for a country on a developmental graph like India. Since the business is on its boom and with the current change in operational policies of the government, the demand for people with specialised knowledge is only going to increase with time.

With that in mind, we highly recommend looking at a few posts to know more about commerce colleges in India. After all, when we talk about choosing colleges to study, the more research the better and you have more options to play around so that you make the most informed choice.

Good luck 🙂

2 thoughts on “Commerce, Colleges Vocational Courses and More

  1. Rightly said Vinay, Commerce is of great demand. Gone are the days when commerce is least preferred group in higher secondary level, now students even parents ask them to choose this group. After completing schooling, as you said, careful research and guidance to look for the colleges. Good interesting and a much needed post Vinay.

    1. Thanks Gowtham. Yea, unfortunately the professional market is crowded by engineers and doctors. The rest of the professions seem to have taken a back seat. It will be interesting to see how the new world order takes over and how these new vocational courses start coming to the forefront.

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