Clear Trip App, Something You Might Like To Have In Your Pocket For Travel Needs

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It was about a month ago when I was booking my tickets to fly to Delhi and realized how the travel industry has changed over the last few years. The first time I ever booked a flight ticket, I contacted an agent and they seemed to work some magic on their computers and would provide me with a print out for the ticket. And the next time I booked it was the agent at the company and the next time I thought – well it might be easier now, let me book a ticket online and fair enough, I realized that I got honestly the best available deals. All thanks to the power of internet!

Cleartrip App [iPod Video]And now, as we know, things have slowly shifted from computers to our very own mobile phones and as I write about the travel arrangements, I realize how easy it has become to not just book our flight tickets but also the hotels, weekend getaways and so on. I recall talking to the ClearTrip team about the presence of our walking tour company as well on their list of activities. It is really lovely how it has all shaped out to provide a single window service where the customer need not roam around to get things done and each of these activities have an inhouse rating or reviews which make the choice even easier.

And as I download the clear trip app today, I find it quite an interesting piece of software designed for our use on the go. As expected, the flight bookings are quite simple and straight forward. I like that they have also integrated the train and bus services as well. We get a fair list of choices based on our departure time or cost or the flight ratings as well which makes the choice quite simple and plain. Of course these are the segments which cleartrip has already established themselves in.

I however do like the additional features

1) Hotel Bookings

Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-07-06 [iPod Video]The app integrates Hotel Booking along with their tripadvisor ratings which makes life a little simpler. I have really liked the TripAdvisor platform and how reliable the reviews are. These hotels again can be sorted based on their reviews, pricing, etc. Integrating these onto the clear trip app platform gets it another step closer to the idea of a single window service provider.

Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-06-32 [iPod Video]

2) Weekend Getaways.

This I believe is a new feature available on the app. This is quite a neat feature for someone planning a weekend out from the hustle of our daily lives. The list of options provides us a concentrated approach with the details making the choice a little simpler. Although we would usually recommend looking at TripAdvisor and searching on google about these activities, I like that they have integrated TripAdvisor to this as well which makes it all the more reliable

Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-06-07 [iPod Video]

3) Offers

This is quite a neat little feature which is not usually available on the site. I believe these are the little perks of having an app where we get an opportunity for a more personalized interaction with the company or the service provider making it a little easier and also providing us an opportunity to cash on the promotional offers which may well aid the travel arrangements and also help reduce the costs a bit.

Having said all of this, I would certainly say that this is quite an interesting app and definitely worth a try. However like we always say, whenever it comes to online bookings, we do recommend due diligence and this time too we stand by it. After all, it is your choice and your travel and you better get the best quality of service your hard earned money can afford.

2 thoughts on “Clear Trip App, Something You Might Like To Have In Your Pocket For Travel Needs

  1. The weekend getaway choices are really innovative. No other travel app has this feature as far as I know. No doubt, these apps along with the internet have made travelling easier for common people. Now we can book everything online without paying extra bucks to the agents… 🙂 A nice review, Vinay…. 🙂

    1. Indeed Maniparna, I like that they have integrated tripadvisor which is a very reliable form instead of coming up with their own getaways. Or else we could have never known if they were the real or featured ones.

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