I am That Change- Allu Arjun



You have been seeing several patriotic wishes, speeches, songs, movies, advertisements and also articles for now. Adding to the list there is one short film released yesterday featuring a southern movie star Allu Arjun. For a country which is influenced a lot by movies and movie stars  it’s good to see the  stars taking up responsibility to spread meaningful messages. Hope this brings some change.

We all realise our responsibilities as a citizen today. We do realise that its the duty of every single person to conduct sensibly in the society. We are aware of the rules and penalties and we are the same ones who get irritated when someone breaks these rules but we still tend to blindfold ourselves when it comes to our comfort.

Bribing a police with 100 rupees is better than paying him 300, driving 100 meters in wrong route is still better than driving 1km with the other way round, scoring 5 marks more in a test is  better than malpractices, jumping a signal is better than reaching a place late, throwing plastic on the road is better than carrying it home. I am sure it’s way better! right?  it saves your money, your time, your fuel and what not. It is beneficial. When you see its impact as a whole- it’s those beneficial things of  us dwindling the growth of the country.

When we desire for a change we have to compromise on our benefits. Let go some money, time and energy because in the end you are sacrifising it for a better reason- a better country and most importantly  a better YOU.



Change is something which has brought all of us at the crossroads many a number of times in our lives. One of the most appropriate books written on Change is “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. I think the concept is beautifully woven in the form of a story. The story is about mice and the change is when someone moved the cheese from its earlier location.


Now the mice had two options, one was to stay and wait and the other was to hunt and search? Does this sound familiar? I sure would say yes to this, many a time I have wondered whether it is a call to move on or to stay but I guess the signals are always strong..



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  1. If we want a fundamental change we will need a serious campaign to change the mind set of the common man, and the common man is not willing to make any change within him self.

    • Thank you Sampat Kumari :). I agree, if we want to make a fundamental shift, it has to start from the common man. Like Gandhi said – Be the change.. And the rest is bound to follow 🙂