Careful what you think

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The above quote fascinates me in multitudes. Thought as a pattern has been one of the most influential idealogies of this site and perhaps that is one reason why we are so intrigued by it. Mind is certainly a beautiful thing, perhaps the most beautiful thing on earth. The way it makes us think, controls us, lets us control it and has an effect on literally everything we do is fascination to say the least. However what if this mind could be channeled, in a thought process that we want to have leading us to results what we want? Well it is a good question to have isn’t it?

  • Knowing what you want
  • Knowing what it takes to get what you want
  • Going after what you want
  • Reordering our strategies depending on how they work
  • Rejoicing the success.

The above steps look fairly simple to deal with, as in – Isn’t it pretty simple? But there is something which holds the logic or a math in the situation. It is the beauty of mind. Sometimes it questions our ability in the process, it asks us whether we can do that something or not. Perhaps it helps for us

  •  To Identify what it actually is asking – whether it is doubting your abilities or is it trying to tell you that there is something you need to accomplish in order to achieve that something.
  • To recognize the false negatives – sometimes crazy as it may sound, we do doubt our capacities no matter how confident we are. Again the question would be, how valid is that thought? How sensible is it?
  • Do you believe in it? – Something that might answer this question is, is this thought helping me reach my goal in any way? Is it taking me forward or backward
  • Do you need that thought? – This could be based on the answer for the question above.
  • How strongly do you believe in it? That perhaps defines it all! We always find ways to get things what we really want. The question is how far we are willing to go and all along how your beliefs are going to support  you.

After all this, the larger question still is, Do you think you can? 

We would love to hear your point of view

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