The Brick Walls Are There For A Reason – Randy Pausch

The Brick Walls Are There For A Reason:

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The brick walls are there for a reason – randy pausch

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  1. The Last Lecture is truly an amazing book for the fact that it was written by a person who knew his time was running out and wished to leave behind a message to inspire people to truly live their lives.

    • True Lata, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and it resonated so well with my personal aspirations as well which made it even more relevant and important. I think these guys bring a beauty of natural narration to it, it is not some theory, simple experience elucidated in simple words to make our choices more relevant.

      I still remember the first scene where he says – Don’t feel sorry for me because I feel sorry for all those people who can’t do this and gets on the stage to do some 10 push ups?! I mean who does that? Such a powerful way of conveying a message.