Brene Brown: 2 Things You Need To Be Brave

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Be Brave

It is so easy to say this right – “Be Brave”. Especially when you are going through something really hard and all you need is some support, it really pisses you off when someone comes to you and says that. Yet you smile and take it in the good spirit and leave a faint smile. I know we have all done that and it certainly is not the easiest smile to give out, especially when your heart doesn’t feel like.

Having said that, even we say that in most of our posts cos end of the day, we know that it is our actions that are going to make the difference we desire in our lives. And as we try to do that, the only goal is to get there and be in an elevated state of mind and actually enjoy the process as we know what we are trying to get out of the situation and how that is going to affect us. Just a simple mind over matter theory if you want us to sound technical 😀 .

But yeah, when someone says “Be Brave”, we also ask the question HOW? How can one be brave when things around us are crumbling. Of course we know the quotes which say that bravery is the best thing in life. But here is the thing about quotes –

Most of them don’t tell how!

So, although we love these quotes and the words of inspiration, we also need that energy to propel us into action. And Brene Brown has two simple tips to “Be Brave” in life.

1)Somebody who is willing to pick you up:

For us to be brave, we also need to get rid of our fear. We also need to know that it is ok to make mistakes and someone out there is willing to back us up on our worst days. We all need support and we all need a trusted circle of friends or family or the special one who is by your side and constantly bolsters your confidence – not by finding faults but by telling you that it is alright. And we need that in all walks of our lives – whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor or an employee, that someone who nurtures us also picks us up and makes us way stronger than we think we are.

2)Absolute clarity of values:

Brene talks about choosing the values that means a lot. Choosing between the two C, either Courage or Comfort. Isn’t this the most commonly seen dilemma in people? The ones who want to quit their job to do what they dream but the value of comfort holds them back. The ones who want to follow their dream and the ones who don’t want to quit the security of a monthly salary, the ones who want to feel utterly loved but also the ones who are afraid to give up on the comfort of a friend zone. I think we will find that question within ourselves in our lives – sometimes way more than we can fathom.

But what really helps at these stages is how strong we are on about what we want. This absolute clarity of values helps us sustain our decisions over a longer period of time. These values help us define ourselves and help us counter the conflict of outcomes in our daily lives.

We are never going to say that either of these is easy. But we are saying that either of these can have a large impact on our lives, they can define how we are going to live our life and what values we are going to portray to the world and that is something special!

So, when someone says “Be Brave” – feign that interest and feign that smile – you know what your life demands. Take up your life into your own hands. Don’t let the circumstances bog you down and for that – you do need a cushion and the above two can be great cushions to build your foundation on.

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12 thoughts on “Brene Brown: 2 Things You Need To Be Brave

    1. Indeed Maitreni. It is never an easy thing to muster but once mustered it can be the best thing we can really hope for. The spirit within is capable of a lot more than we can fathom 🙂

  1. Clarity on Values is a very pertinent point Vinay. Our conviction of our values gives us the courage to stand by those values when faced with challenges. And of course if you have someone to support you, nothing like that.

    1. Spot on Somali :). The values are the ones which define us and make us do what we do, it also gives us power and conviction to what we stand for and the energy to keep going when the chips are down. These are the ones that truly define our character and make us who we really are…

  2. “Be brave”- easier said than done. Nice points you have shared here, I agree with Somali on clarity of values 🙂 And thanks for sharing the video…

    1. Thank you Maniparna :). Life is hard it is as already, on the top of it when people say things, it often makes me feel like asking how 😀 😀 . And I think in this case Brene Brown has a really nice way of putting it across 🙂

  3. Where the mind is without fear …and the head is held high…Honestly we become brave if we are honest and do not have fear for both the known and unknown!

    1. True Sunita, bravery sure comes from our past experiences and how we have dealt with them. There have been times where being brave has cost us a few things and times where it has rewarded us with big profits. Probably it is in the balance of the two where we find a solution. Having said that, it sure does bring out an adventurous spirit in us which we all can appreciate 🙂

  4. Well, bravery is not a trait its a determination if what you say is true… your two points are simple and basic but many of us lack it… when we say charactor… what is it?… its what you believe in or your strenght or toughness or no compromise on something not right?… yes strenght of charactor is needed… we can be cowards all our life… but then we achieve nothing right?… and we need a bit of impulse and action, after this contemplation!!… no one is perfect ofcourse, but we learn and grown, that is important. I think bravery is fooling oneself despite our limitation going for it, and facing whatever happens honourably. It’s not something that comes overnight, preparaton begins everyday. Hearing inspirational news, rather than too much of cribbing and gossip, being quite and not unnecessarily taking stress unless needed, feeling good, speaking up, hearing not reacting and pondering over sensibily…all that somewhere determines how much one can achieve, skills are secondary, this charactor stuff is primary. What you would do in a bad situation, panic!!, or rather restrain it and brave it and face it… in the second instance there is a good chance you will suceed winning over a bad situation.

    1. Agreed, in an essence I think all these aspects are closely linked to each other and sometimes it becomes very hard to segregate them based on the technicalities. I guess no matter what we decide to call them, the final point is that we have to realise what we feel for or what matters the most to us.

      You brought out a very strong point, bravery doesn’t come overnight, neither does character. I think it is a whole long process of man making and it is wonderful if we start enjoying it consciously. It never is easy facing so many challenges head on and it never is easy to be optimistic when things around us crumble. We all buckle down under stress but what matters is which of those reactions is temporary and which of those have a long standing effect. The ones which we respond to consistently largely defines the way we are going to lead our lives and the story we are going to associate ourselves with.

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