Bowling, Mysore

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It had been a while since we had been bowling here. From the time PlanetX has been closed, bowling hasn’t seen much action with us, but somehow today, there was some mood for it and we headed out to the only option, Big Bowl, KD road. It was quite a crowded place, had to wait a while for our turn, about 30 mins.

Big Bowl Mysore

The foosball table was good fun to keep us engaged for a while, while I wondered why they haven’t made better use of the place. I remember there was a café and a food here a few months ago, it was a little disappointing to see an empty space instead, not that the food was great but it did help the waiting queue to bowl! Well we finally got our turn for the bowling and it was a little disappointing to enter the bowling alley. It did look great in the white lights but somehow there was a distant stink in the atmosphere which wasn’t very inviting, the ventilation hasn’t been taken care of well. The room was awfully crowded compared to the expected number, that too in a small city like Mysore.


After a long wait for the alley, we were quite eager to start it off but it was constantly interrupted by power cuts, about twice and most times the pins seemed to have a mind of their own, they just fell down even without rolling the ball. And there was a particular occasion where the ball just bounced off a pin. I am not a die hard bowling fan but frankly it was annoying to say the least. Of course it was great being there with friends but for a place like this, we would certainly expect a few basic standards to be met and it was really disappointing. The only compensatory factor was that the bowling alleys seemed to work somehow, kinda reminded me of trying to make an old radio work. The whole flow interrupted us atleast 4 times and it was frustrating each time, that too after such a long wait.

Bowling Alley

The place made me miss the Planet X all the more, wish people here took things a little more seriously and worked on the minor bits, it is a place which has a great potential, but lots and lots of improvements needed. As of now, I would think twice before recommending someone to this place, it still would be the last resort.

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