Benjamin Franklin: 9 Priceless Quotes For Your Life

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Benjamin Franklin: The Founding Father

Benjamin Franklin : One of the founding fathers of America, and treated as the ‘First American’, politician, scientist, inventor, postmaster, diplomat, statesman and so on. Gosh, can you think of any more professions for a single person?! If these don’t remind you very well of him, how about the $100 bill? That ought to ring some bells :). Nevertheless, the man is certainly one of the most revered founding fathers of America and perhaps one of the most influential too. His life, has been an inspiration to many and today we present you 9 priceless quotes from Benjamin Franklin.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
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Benjamin Franklin : Do something worth reading

I guess this one will remain as one of the top quotes ever from Benjamin Franklin, perhaps this is the one that suits the teachers perfectly to train their students. Well the quote is pretty much self explanatory, but let us try and look at it again.

Pretty simple isn’t it – do something great, do something remarkable, establish an identity for yourself in this world cos you are really worth. That is perhaps because each one of us comes with a very unique set of qualities which the world can benefit from. Somehow somewhere down the line, maybe cos of our experiences or some setbacks, we tend to forget that and choose a less hassled life.

In other words, a life of mediocrity. It is not that it is bad, none of us owe anyone else any justification, but the only real question would be – Are we able to justify it for ourselves? If the answer is NO, maybe it is time to start looking at what we can do.

And what better way to do than reading, the world is a great room of possibilities, opportunities and explorations to be conquered, if you need a little bit of energy, a little bit of motivation and a lot of support, no better place than the books cos they know where to lead you and how to lead you.

And if you are still wondering which books to read, here is a list of the best autobiographies as suggested by goodreads. 

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
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Benjamin Franklin : An investment in Knowledge

As Robin Sharma Says – “To double your income, triple your investment in self-development”. I do agree that it is a great feeling to save some money, invest it in some risk free businesses maybe real estate which gives you a lot of returns and also perhaps the banks and fixed deposits which add on to your income.

Frankly I have never been good at these investments, so I will stop myself from boring you further about them. But I do believe in what Benjamin Franklin says here.

End of the day, all the earning we do is for ourselves, for a greater quality of life, to make sure that we have enough for a rainy day. How would it feel to live life at the next level each time, each time you earn, maybe set an amount to learn a new art, maybe travel a bit, join a  new activity, something that stretches you out of your comfort zone, something that helps you to set yourself free and embrace new dimensions.

An investment in knowledge need not necessarily mean books – although they sure are a great way to spend, it can mean a lot more things. Sometimes all we need to do is think a little outside of the box.

Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes him.
Laziness quote, benjamin franklin laziness, ben franklin laziness, life quotes, poverty quotes
Benjamin Franklin : Laziness quote

This is brilliant quote by Benjamin Franklin!  I have often heard of people say – why do you want to make so much money in life. And more often than not, the answer is to retire early and lead the rest of the life in peace.

I wonder if that ever happens. What would we do when we are retired, what will drive us, what will be the motivating factor for us to stretch ourselves out of the comfort zone. Someone once said that the most uncomfortable zone in life is being in the comfort zone. There is no push, there is no pull, if it is just about sleeping and eating all day, then perhaps it is best to rethink the idea of retirement and maybe even the idea of the comfort zone.

You can perhaps call it being a bit lazy as well. Well, no matter what we decide to call it, it doesn’t really make that big a difference but the actions DO! So maybe it is time to stop looking at retirement and start looking at more new exciting things to do.

Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.
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Benjamin Franklin: Light a candle quote

I feel like a prophet writing about the quotes of Benjamin Franklin. Maybe cos we have seen them so many times on the school boards that it feels a bit cliched and sometimes a little distant from the current world as well.

Trust me, even I hate being a prophet as much as you hate listening to one about your life. So, let me just hold myself back and rephrase this – No matter what we do, there will always be something wrong. Heck I won’t even be surprised if everything is wrong.

But when things go wrong, we always have a few choices up our sleeve. We can feel bad about them, deny them, complain about them or even curse someone else for them. Here are the 6 kinds of our troubles and the way we respond to them.  

But none of these are going to make a huge difference in our lives unless we decide to act on them. And these acts need not be HUGE ones which can move the earth. These acts can be as simple as lighting a candle or going to church. They can be as simple as adopting education of a kid for a year or maybe adopting an animal at a zoo or buying a pet.

None of these sound like huge solutions, but perhaps the answers to the biggest problems are in these simplest of the acts we do. And here are the 6 confusing quests to solve our problems. 

Many people die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five.
Benjamin Franklin old age quote, old age quotes, old quotes, Benjamin Franklin quotes
Benjamin Franklin : Old Age Quote

How old are you?!– I am as old as I feel.

Gosh! Does this sound corny to you too?!

But hey, I was recently reading about a 65 year old entrepreneur who went on to own the top chain of restaurants in the world. Yup it is old man Sanders I am talking about.

Let me ask a question – How do you imagine yourself to be when you are 65 years old? What is the image that comes to your mind?

Does it feel like a white haired man with a walking stick, hunchback, popping up pills. Or does it feel like a well trimmed man with his hairs dyed, fit as a fiddle, neatly dressed, busy with meetings, leading a full life with kids and grandkids.

What is the image that first flashes your mind. Well, there is a great probability that you are going to end up like that. If that is the case and we are playing for the odds, why not think the latter?!

If you’re going through hell, keep going.
Benjamin Franklin going through hell quotes, going through hell quotes, difficulty quotes, perseverance quotes ben franklin
Benjamin Franklin: If you are going through hell

Now we are talking! Life is crazy, life is hard, nothing ever is going to work out the way we planned, something or someone is going to screw it up for you. You are going to be challenged to your wits end. You are going to feel desperate and you are going to feel hopeless too.

In short life does feel like hell sometimes, and during some moment, it sure feels like that most times.

But hey, there is great power in action too. The one solution I can think of during times like these – put yourself into action. Keep yourself as busy as you can, so that you don’t have too much time for stray thoughts.

You don’t have time to ask questions like – why is this happening to me? What is wrong with me? Why is it me always who gets cheated?

Remember, the questions sometimes are as important as the answers we get in life. Most times we ask these questions inadvertently. Then how about taking control of them?

Ask – how you can use this? What you can do right now to feel better? What is the opportunity in this? What can work for you even in this situation? There is great power in these questions and the way you feel.

If you want to be in charge of the way you feel, then perhaps you ought to start finding ways to take charge of the questions you ask yourself as well and the way you communicate with yourself. And here are 10 ways to deal with this uncertainty and darkness. 

Energy and persistence conquer all things.

Benjamin Franklin 4 (Copy) [iPhone]

Amen to that Benjamin Franklin!

What is the most important requirement to achieve your goals in life?

Money? Resources? Time? Attitude? Knowledge? People? Society? Support? Freedom?….. What is the most important requirement out of these?

If we look at them closely, I am sure that we can agree that most of them are closely interrelated. But I would side on attitude as the primary factor for the achievements in our lives.

The sheer human spirit of going past the challenges, playing past the pain, keep going no matter how bad things seem ; the attitude to stand by the decisions we take, the maturity to correct our decisions when the situation demands; the attitude to share success with the society, the attitude to use your time wisely, the attitude to help people along the way – in short the attitude of success.

Well done is better than well said.

Benjamin Franklin 3 (Copy) [iPhone] Well – actions speak louder than words – don’t they?

We all like to be witty don’t we? Sometimes I even end up questioning myself if there was a wittier way to answer someone and prove how wrong they were.

But then I realize something else, it is fairly easy to do that and then perhaps easy to put it away cos there is no lingering thought behind it.

What if there was a better way to answer to it – not to the person who asked you the question. I realize that almost 70% of the questions asked don’t deserve any answers. About 90% of the critics don’t and about a 100% of the jealous relatives don’t!

Yet we try to answer them and prove them wrong – it is certainly very natural cos none of us like to be ridiculed. But at the same time, it is about the dignity we hold and the dignity need not be lost in answering to fools. The only person we need to answer to is ourselves.

And if that where those stupid questions are leading, then maybe there is some good to it after all.

Tell me and I forget, teach me I may remember, involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin 10 (Copy) [iPhone]Well, perhaps this is the last quote of Benjamin Franklin we will be talking about today.

I have always hated school where the professors stood on the podium and led a huge sermon that too in such a tone that it was a huge challenge to stay awake through the class. None of them ever seemed to make an effort to see if we really learnt something or not.

But hey, that was the class. After finishing my school, I fell in love with these books, quotes and the self help seminars which promised me a way to lead life at its ultimate level and I naturally liked it cos I have a natural inclination to learn more about the way we think and if at all there is a way to make this thought process better.

But again almost all of these thoughts, the questions and the answers gave me a great feeling. The quotes made me feel incredibly powerful and I felt that the world was my oyster.

Truth is, I did realize that this motivation was short lived cos most of these failed to involve me in the process. The only time any motivation has ever lasted is the time when I consciously decided to act upon it – maybe in a very small way.

I may not be someone very popular to write about why and what we should do. I am here only to offer an alternate thought and try and push our minds to a thought and maybe look at an action which can make our lives a little better. And if that is what an article or a thought process does, all we intend to do here is engage and learn more about you and that is indeed a great high for us.

So give us an opportunity to involve and learn along, do let us know your thoughts below:

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