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Believe Those Who Are Seeking The Truth, Doubt Those Who Find Them

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Truth is a beautiful thing isn’t it? Something I really like about it is that it is the most elusive thing on earth and probably the on thing which can never be a 100% cos there is a slight discretion of the person telling it to you. Just like they say – history is an opinion and not facts, truth is too :).

And I would completely agree with this quote – the reasons being pretty simple – the moment someone proclaims that they have found the truth, they stop all other possibilities with it and seem to be very convinced about the story based on that. It becomes very hard to open them another mindset. One of the worst kinds of people are the ones who think they have achieved something in life – which leaves them a bit cranky, a lot cranky and frankly unsufferable. Same is with the truth.

The moment someone claims they have found it – it becomes more of being right than actually being wrong. I would rather side with people who believe that they can be wrong than the ones who always want to be right. I mean I know that I would be a perfect misfit in such a gang cos I know that I will be wrong more than 50% of the times and part of the fun is in knowing that we can be wrong. It opens us up to the multiple possibilities and makes us work in that front. I am not saying that we should aim mediocrity in life and we should aim at a less perfect standard for ourselves. But I am saying that it can make a bit of sense when we open ourselves to the possibility that there is no absolute truth. There is no absolute right or wrong.

There is a beauty in being subjective in life about things. Of course there are things for which we have to be very objective – for example killing is outrightly wrong. Telling a lie is just wrong, but the purpose for which it is told can open a few more thoughts. Bottom line is just that we can be a little more forgiving and lot more living when we open ourselves up to the possibilities instead of letting the rights or wrongs rule and make decisions for us.


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