Believe in yourself

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I have been an eternal fan of this quote, Perhaps this is the best definition which can go on to explain confidence and self reliance. A few pointers which I would like to focus on

  •  Atheism, agnosticism, orthodox believer, It certainly is a great selection of words, but what he says here is perhaps the best definition of a religious belief, it is never disconnected from a person no matter what you are born as!
  • I guess everything extends from the belief on oneself and the later just follows on.
  • It is too hard to comment on religion as a whole but on a personal scale religion gets to be quite simple, a simple plain self portending into multiple facets.
  • Self reliance, belief beats all!

I always feel short of words to make a commentary on this man’s words, they go on in such deep levels that it is perhaps better if I stop here.

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    1. That’s a very profound thought Bushra.. The world has to exist without too. It takes quite a thought to look from the outside without centering self in the world. At the same time it makes things a lot more simpler sometimes to look at it like that .


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