Belief is necessary

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Elegant! Don’t you think? The quote establishes a message in so many levels. For us, the greatest thought it inspires is the belief in belief!

  • Isn’t it true? Don’t you believe a placebo effect can cure someone? Is it mind over matter or matter over mind? If your thought is strong enough, are you not capable enough to take care of it?
  • Agreed that I would take a medicine continually without the belief that it can cure me, what is the set of emotions mind goes through? I am not going to search for the validity and the statistical analysis of the quote, but I would certainly ask one question – which thought helps? Is it the optimism which brings in the fighting spirit or pessimism which kills you every moment from within?
  • How would you explain the psychosomatic occurrences? If the mind can play a role and create a disease, I am sure it can work the other way and cure.
  • Many a time, the value of belief is highly underrated and made to seem as the last option. Most times, it has been ridiculed as a witchcraft, but isn’t it the thought which is the seed of all solution?
  • Success or failure are mere words, but the belief is something which will take you all the way there. Like it is rightly said – “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – You’re right! 

Well it sure sounds like a lot of optimism and the question is why believe in the set of beliefs, let me ask something, which belief helps you? I am not asking you to stop taking medicines, I am just saying, the medicine might find it easier to work in an environment of appreciation and acknowledgement than of total disregard and doubt. I am not necessarily talking about health and medicine, it can very directly link to the way we treat people and most importantly ourselves so many times..

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2 thoughts on “Belief is necessary

  1. Read this somewhere – Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, love ends when you stop caring, friendship ends when you stop sharing… so share this with whom ever you consider a friend.

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