Intuition Vs Logic – Who Is Right?

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What does your intuition tell you?

Believe in your gut and you will never be wrong – This is probably one of the most overused phrases when I have talked to people. Often it is one of the most famous quotes that features in our posts as well. But when I came across this question today, I somehow feel like refraining myself from going the all ‘Intuition’ way.

Of course I believe that the intuition is a wonderful thing and can make wonders happen for us. I also believe that intuition knows to put fear in its place and look at life beyond it. It tells us what our true passion is and our initial belief about our capacity to achieve the same. In short, it is a wonderful feeling to be intuitive – after all intuition comes from previous experiences.

The Devil’s Advocate

Playing the devil’s advocate, we also need to know that it depends on how we treat the intuition. Do we neglect all the signs and people around us just because our gut says so? What is the base belief for our gut? Why does our gut say this about something? It is not that the gut is always right, there have been instances where I am burnt by just blindly believing in gut.

There is a real danger when we believe in something with our eyes closed. It makes us immune to the fears and the reality of life around us. It makes us a bit deaf to the constant feedback in the form of fear. It doesn’t allow us to think of anything, nor does it allow anyone who speaks against our core beliefs. We seem to categorically avoid these people who douse water over the fire within.

The Balance

I would like to believe that our lives are about the beautiful balances between aspirations and fears – the balance between desire and difficulty, the balance between perspiration and absolute commitment.

It is never easy to achieve this balance because we always end up leaning towards one aspect more than the other. To be honest, we find that perfectly alright. And naturally our suggestion too is to lean a bit towards the gut, but at the same time – be mindful about the reality around us.

The How!

So, how do you balance this gut with logic after all? The answer as always is in TIME

  • Take some time to understand what is really going on. Try to identify why your gut is pointing that way – what is the motivation for the gut to be considering this – Is it your previous experience, is it aspiration, is it the desire to make something happen, is it to prove something to the world? What makes your gut point to a decision?
  • Listen to your fears. Now this is a tough one – we don’t mean that be overwhelmed by your fears, we mean – listen to them. Try to understand what they are trying to tell you. Maybe they are telling you to create a safety net before jumping in.
  • Talk to people – No doubt that they will discourage you. We don’t mean to say that you should do what they say, but talk to them, consciously slow yourself a little bit and take a decision. Sleep over it. We only get good at on the spur decision after we have been bad at it. So, just take a bit of time – you don’t need to change your decision, you just need to know if you feel the same way a few days later as well.

Having said all this – Intuition is a wonderful thing, there is no point in avoiding that. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that intuition is the sole answer for our questions. There is something more to it than meets the eye.

What do you think about intuition? How has it impacted your life and what are your suggestions for someone asking this question?

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14 thoughts on “Intuition Vs Logic – Who Is Right?

  1. I think intuition is mostly what your brain decides will happen based on past experiences, whereas logic is rooted in your ability to rationalize. Both are limited by experience. So I guess, you are right – balance is the key.

    1. Spot on mate, I too very strongly believe in the past experiences and how they add to the confidence as well which eventually makes it a conviction and later intuition. It is a beautiful thing to integrate the two in order to bring the best of us.

  2. Some do well in matters of intuition while for some reasoning is the base….its individualistic approach ….But as you said it right balance is the key but

    1. Agreed Chaitali, the individual approach defines the way we target things and also in the longer run our efficiency as well. It will be pretty amazing to try various things to arrive at a pattern which works the best for us.

  3. It depends. In different situations, we experience different things and have various perspectives as well. I think gut feelings act well when we are well aware of the traits of a person or nuances of a particular situation. But, at the end of the day, balance is the key word. 🙂

    1. As an MBA, I think that is one term I have gotten a liking to now 🙂 – It depends! Humour aside, I think most of the stuff is situational and it boils down to that split second of decision making sometimes. It is wonderful to have a bit of control and maybe another split second to identify what it can actually mean and maybe even look at how it can manifest 🙂

  4. Noce post. To me its simple, intuition is natural, its like flowing water. But logic, its artificial, built of facts and experience. And its like a moving rock.

  5. Hmm! Interesting question Vinay! True! there must be a balance between both. On one hand Intuition says “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” and on the other logic says the result is “Mughal-e-azam”

  6. Intuition somes shows dominance over logic, because some times logic also needs intituition as well.

    Vinay, I would recommend you to write something about CORPORATE POLITICS

    1. I like the usage of the word dominance here Ranjeet – and you have put it beautifully, the interdependence on the two. I think some times, we miss out on the bigger picture which is about achieving the goals we dreamed of. The moment we realise that we could use either of these emotional aspects to lead us there, a life of wonderful possibilities opens up which is pretty amazing!

      Thanks so much for the recommendation, I shall certainly take that up and make a post on corporate politics. It is certainly an area of interest.

      PS: The site is going through some technical changes, so I might not be able to do it as early as I would like to, but I certainly will take it up :). Appreciate the reco mate!

  7. Well Vinay… I am impulsive person for past 2 years… which means I just do things without thinking too much and it helped to do things… for instance in going out to a event… its made me little ore open and adventurous and grown a lot… however it is scary too… in instances where you have to select a life partner for instance. However impulse is a pure thing and is a real thing that arouses the wild and different side of you. I would definitely tell others to listen to their inner voice and not jump into doing things like that… and do things slow, else too much strain will be there… point is with our mechanical and protective ways of living life, we don’t give way to act maturely on impulses… I have travelled on impulse for a volunteering conference called Volcon in Chennai not worrying about night travel, I have attended marathon event through volunteering even though it involved going really odd time at night… I have gone night trekking and even gone on a wild night drive… its been fun and well I feel content(:

    1. Wow Maria, that is pretty awesome for impulsive :). Pretty cool to hear about the night trekking and the drives. To be honest with you, I haven’t dared to be that impulsive yet.

      However, I think it does bring out a beautiful sense of rush and drive from within. The enthusiasm is amazing, there is a sensation of burning adrenaline which makes us do things and above all that gut feeling which makes us feel so confident that erases every inch of doubt from within. Oh it is a beautiful life indeed 🙂

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