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The Trick With Decisions!

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I have always believed that decision making is one the most important challenges we all face, at any stage of our life. As I was growing up, someone said – “It gets easier with time”

In hindsight, I think they were just trying to make me feel better. I have never felt it become easier with time. But of course, the one good thing is that, we get better at handling the uncertainties of decision making. In one of our previous posts, “The 7 Important Steps to Make Better Decisions Faster” , we spoke about the various parameters involved in decision making – right from the fears, uncertainties to the positive spin offs in the form of responsibility, ownership to make decisions right and so on.

Key Message

The key deliverable in that post and even this one, is the speed with which we make decisions. I do appreciate the fact that we need to do our due diligence, understand the risks to take a decision. It is what we need to do, for something or the other is always at stake, or else decision making would have been child’s play. What we are trying to talk about is the hardship in actually arriving at one decision at the cost of another.

The mind somehow is tuned to look at things we stand to lose if we make a decision. And most of the times, it plays on the “Hook of Delay” on taking decisions. The mind makes us believe that it is ok to delay instead a wrong decision. The real question there is how expensive it tends to be in the end? And does a delay in decision making mean denial as well?

Caution with Wrong Decision

All along, we have been taught to be cautious with decisions, take our time, sleep over it for a while so that we can let the thoughts settle down, instead of acting in a rushed manner. I can see the merit in that and I I will be a strong proponent of doing that. However, we all do live in a fast paced world. More often than not, a decision has to be taken in a short span of time for there is a lot riding on it. The more we push it, the more we stand to lose.

If at all we arrive at such a place and realise that we are wasting valuable time with the aim of reaching the perfect decision where there is very minimal loss and maximum gain, then you can simply forget gaining anything out of the situation. You might as well give up and say that it is not going to happen. I know that it sounds harsh and blunt, then again, the decision or its effect are not going to wait for us to act in our own sweet time. Being swift, even if it means taking a wrong decision or a wrong turn can prove very useful sometimes. Of course, every rule has an exception, including this one.

Time is always of essence isn’t it? 

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The Mind Always Looks For What is Unjust And Unfair

The Unjust Unfair World!

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The mind always looks for what is unjust and unfair

It is funny how our values, thoughts and perceptions keep changing over the years. I remember that in my formative years, I was taught that life is always fair – all you have to do to succeed in life is to work really hard and the results will come to you. And trust me, I went by that statement in almost a blindfolded manner. I believed every word of it and to be honest with you, I believe it even now or rather like to think so.

Too Naive or Innocent? 

But yes, that doesn’t mean that I am being naive and turning a deaf ear towards all the unjust and unfair things in the world – They are there too. Just because I believe in one thing, it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe the other. Although they sound counter logical, there is no reason why they cannot co-exist!

The first belief helps us think, it helps to keep us on track and keep working hard towards the goal we dream of. We need that innocence to chase a goal, to feel that we need to put in everything we got. That is the only way to indulge in what we truly believe in. It makes us keep away all those negative feelings, those fears and doubts about putting in the necessary hard work. I would like to call this the power of innocence in chasing your dreams.

The Harsh Reality! 

At the same time, we are bound to see the unfair, unjust things around us. We will see people who have more resources, time or even power and influence to achieve the same goals you are after. In fact, it might even be very easy for them to achieve this goal, even though it is awfully difficult for you or me. There is no denial here, there is a certain set of people who will be born with the silver or golden spoon. That unfortunately is not our choice.

Our choice is in what we decide to make of it. We can put both of our hands over our head, brood over it, curse the world we live in and feel sad about it over and over again. We can create a very good analysis of why we will never be able to achieve some things in life – after all, life is unfair and unjust. But isn’t this true?

“What you sow is what you reap” 

The more we focus on something, the more it becomes a reality. I understand it is never easy to turn away from the pressing problems, injustice or even the unfair treatment. But then again, life is also about choosing the battles we want to fight. I for one would like to push myself toward the one which keeps me inspired and makes me feel that there are enough reasons to smile. After all, it is a life of perspectives and choices, why not choose the one which benefits us the most?

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Foolery, Sir, Does Walk About The Orb Like The Sun – Shakespeare

I have been meaning to write about our favourite quote from a long time now. This was a picture I took in Stratford a couple of months – the birthplace of Shakespeare. I like the way the entire town has aspects of shakespeare, right from his house to the roads that have these small statues and below each one of them, there is a stone writing of some famous bits from his great works. And we present one such here today.

“Foolery, sir, does walk about the orb like the sun, it shines everywhere”

  • Shakespeare

foolery, clever quotes, quotes, inspiration, fools quote, motivation

Coming to think of it, I guess it is one truth we all can relate to. Esp the times we get to sit on the high horse and an extremely convincing fool is trying to push his views on others. That is one thing which has always puzzled me – the amount of confidence and the voice they have behind each of their opinion, even though it kinda incites people around to either oppose strongly or follow it blindly?

I read somewhere that, the irony of the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts and the fools are so full of confidence.

Now that I have written a few words about this quote, I am trying to find the best way possible to sound non judgemental and less conceited. But I guess to an extent, I am – no matter how much I try to deny it. ‘Ideal’ is one thing and being politically right is another. But sometimes, you just got to call a sheep, a ‘Sheep’ or else – it just becomes encouraging the wrong thing. And that very strongly has a potential to create a strong impact?

Thoughts or experiences you would like to share? Stay tuned for more, I think I have a few more pictures which I would love to share 🙂

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RKN and his 110th Birthday!

RKN – A Magical Author

As I read this post on The Better India today, about RK Narayan and celebrating his 110th birthday, it gives me immense pride to draw inspiration from such a man. I have always enjoyed reading his stories. I think there are very few authors who make you forget everything and associate yourself with the protagonist of the story. RKN’s stories had that magical effect on me, no matter whether I read it for the 20th time. This would happen not only with the long novels, but also with the 10 page short stories.

There was always something about his stories, the characters were grounded, they were very simple men and women, living their own simple life. The challenges they faced in life were normal, sometimes to do with the insensitivity of the society, sometimes to do with the simple mistakes we all do. And sometimes as simple as a small communication gap like it happened in Swami and Friends. The beauty of this author was that he never looked for a happy, romantic ending in his stories. The stories left a question in the end, a decision for the reader to identify what happened to the protagonist.

The Poetic Justice

Most of the times, his poetic justice hit the mark, right on the dot. Although we have an affection for the character having read so much about it/him/her, when we step back, we realise that it was the best end that character could have had. I remember the days when I used to borrow books from a dear friend and she always had a tough time in retrieving them. There was an absolute sense of magic in all of his books, which perhaps none of the words I write here are going to justify.

Stories, Characters and Life

RKN, Narayan, inspiration, motivationBut I do know that RKN will be one writer to whom I hold an immense amount of respect. Maybe it has got something to do with the fact that most of his stories talk about a lifestyle so similar to the ones people in Mysore have, the home town I come from. At the same time, these stories are classics, events which any person who has lived in India can relate to. There is so much about culture, belief, a way of life which we can all identify in RKN’s works.

Being a history buff and an active part of Royal Mysore Walks where we conduct the Malgudi days tour, taking you through the memory lane of RKN, right from the school he studied to the places where he drew inspiration for his stories and perhaps maybe even some characters which inspired his writing. RKN sure created a magical place called Malgudi in our minds and I strongly believe that when you are in Mysore you are as close to this place as you can get. I am sure RK Laxman’s cartoons will vouch strongly for that :).

Happy Bday RKN, your writing have been a gift to say the least.

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University of Technology – Say Hello to International Education

University of Technology – Say Hello to International Education

I remember the exciting times when I was applying to study in a university abroad. My very first experience of studying outside of India has truly been one of the best experiences I have had. I have always enjoyed studying, but a global perspective certainly has an influence on the way you think. It brings a whole new world to you, especially when the classroom is filled with people from different backgrounds. You get an opportunity to understand how important it is to be sensitive to different cultures and learn the art of working with people from different backgrounds. And that directly transforms into a work experience.

When we talk about global education, some of the institutes in India, such as ISB, IIM’s which are the front runners among the MBA schools, have truly gone global with the help of their exchange programs with universities abroad. Noting that technology is one of the most sought after courses in India, there are also some foreign universities which are taking a step forward to help students access their top class education by providing pathway courses. One such premium pathway institute is UTS:INSEARCH (UTSI). A pathway program gives students a specialized experience with some practical knowledge, real time situations and exciting projects which makes it very interesting and practically useful for the students. Moreover, once you complete two years at UTSI, you can then directly apply for the second year at University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

A good way to understand the benefit of a university is to speak to its students, understand their student life experiences, and how it has made an impact on their careers and life goals. A few students’ profiles can be found at the UTS Insiders’ website which can help understand what students have learnt during their courses and how it influenced their career paths.

.Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 01.28.45

One of the reasons to choose a university such as UTS is that one gets a range of global degree courses which opens up opportunities to work in different countries, providing a wider exposure and an exciting student life. Its courses cover subjects such as ICT, Business, Animation, Marketing, Medical sciences, Communication, etc – providing a wide variety of choices to students to make a necessary career decision.

utsIf you are looking for higher education or global work opportunities, it is worth having an international degree under your belt. Of course Indian degrees are quite valuable, however, apart from the few elite institutes such as IITs and IIMs, the other schools barely get noticed on your CV when you are speaking to an audience outside of India. In times like these, your global education does play a powerful role.

However, it would be incorrect for me to recommend a university or pathway institute abroad just for the sake of a job or global exposure. It is important to understand the impact it can have on your personality and the knowledge you gain through the entire process. A global education certainly gives you opportunities to talk to faculty who have achieved accolades, to immerse yourself in a culture which could  have a very powerful influence  on your approach towards life. And also, to gain a better understanding as to what your future global employer may want from you.

Check out few of the UTS Insiders below:


UTS Insider, Dimple from India who is currently studying Science at UTS


UTS Insider Kunj, who is also from India is currently studying IT at UTS:INSEARCH

UTS:INSEARCH provides a good landing into UTS  which can open up some great channels for education in Australia and provide great job opportunities for one’s future. As the good old cliché goes, “the world is your oyster” it depends on how you use the opportunities presented to you.