Any Decision, Even The Wrong Decision Is Better Than None – Ben Horowitz

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The Trick With Decisions! I have always believed that decision making is one the most important challenges we all face, at any stage of our life. As I was growing up, someone said – “It gets easier with time” In hindsight, I think they were just trying to make me feel better. I have never felt […]

University of Technology – Say Hello to International Education

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University of Technology – Say Hello to International Education I remember the exciting times when I was applying to study in a university abroad. My very first experience of studying outside of India has truly been one of the best experiences I have had. I have always enjoyed studying, but a global perspective certainly has […]

GMAT vs GRE: Which one should we prefer for MBA Admission?

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Masters of Business Administration – MBA The last 10 years have been quite exciting in the vocational sector as globalisation has started increasing its outreach in India. I can see more people getting jobs and paid quite respectably. Especially the IT sector has taken India by storm and the allied services have also improved to […]