August 15, Independence Day!

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Independence day is always a very special memory. I can’t help but try to imagine the emotions that would have gone on, the spirits flying high, pride and the satisfaction in making the dream of over 200 years a reality. I was asked to help with a speech for 2 mins to talk about the independence day. After I wrote it, I felt a surge of energy within and I am proud to present that small piece of work here.

It was 69 years ago, this day – the august of 1947 when the three colours – saffron, white and green captured the hearts of millions of indians. The first flag of independence when the great heroes of the freedom struggle stood proud, with their heads held high – a day which was a dream from 1857, a day of freedom from the foreign domination, a dream of living a way the country wants. As we look back today, India stands tall as a country – we stand together as a nation known for its diversity, culture and the message it sends out as a country. A country of possibilities, where dreams can come true. We are proud as Indians today, a country that has been brought together through the struggles and sacrifice of our heroes who made this day, a day of pride and honour.

As we stand up to salute the flag, let us remember our Gandhi’s, subhash Chandra Bose, sardar vallabhai Patel, jawaharlal Nehru, dadabhai naoroji and the many unsung heroes who have made this day which was a dream into a reality. Let us look at them with respect, pride and honour. Let us create the country which they dreamed of and promise ourselves the country we desire, a nation of values and respect.

I personally think that it is one of the greatest pieces of history that we can recollect and feel immensely proud about. As we celebrate this day, it would be a mark of respect to make a promise to not just ourselves but our brethren around to create a country with values. To quote John F Kennedy on this day,

“My dear men, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”

I do realise that it sounds like a piece of romanticism written. But it was this romanticism and a dream which brought about the independence we deserved and desire. For us, it also brings a responsibility to make this effort count and take the country ahead with larger strides.

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Happy independence day!

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