Arnold Schwarzenegger: All You Want To Know For Inspiration

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: All You Want To Know For Inspiration

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: All You Want To Know For Inspiration

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Chennai now and is a part of the promotion of soundtrack of a Tamil movie “I” which is based on the story of a body builder.

If you ask anybody to name a few body builders Arnold Schwarzenegger is sure to be on the list. Well I guess he would be the first one to be on the list for most of us. He is an inspiration for many body builders and anyone who is trying to shed that extra pound.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in 1947 in Austria. He is one great body builder world has ever seen. He is often referred as the “Austrian Oak” After the retirement from professional body building he ended up becoming a success movie star with the ‘Terminator’ and later he happened to become the Governor of California and hence the nick name ‘Governator’

We bring you out his outstanding achievements, anecdotes and everything that has something to inspire us.


  • He won the Mr. Universe title at the age 20
  • He is a 5 time winner of Mr.Universe title  and 7 time winner of Mr. Olympia title
  • He is one of the most successful entertainers in the Hollywood box office with movies like Terminator, True Lies, Kindergarten Cop  and many.
  • He served 2 times as the governor of California.


Dream, Dream big:

As a young boy he dreamt of going to US one day after watching a documentary about America.

He fell in love with motorways, movie stars and also dreamt of being one. He was inspired by a body builder named Reg Park, a winner of Mr Universe title who was starred in the movie Hercules. He had already started living his dream when he was an young boy and he says it helped him shape a better future.

Dreams are the blueprint for future.

People Will Discourage You:

Arnold had an abusive childhood. He was often hit and punished hard by his father. His parents ad a grand plan for him. They wanted him to become a police officer and then marry a girl they knew and lead a simple life.

Arnold thought the other way. He wanted to shape a better future. At the time when he developed his interest in body building, he had filled his room with the photographs of body builders. This scared and disappointed his mother who called a doctor to check if everything was ok with her son.

People will be there to stop you, discourage you and even de-motivate you for the life you are craving for. If you truly want it then you discover a way of getting out of all the criticism that comes in your way.

Push Yourself A Little More:

To build a body like Arnold  it requires years of dedication, determination and hard work and every time you have to push yourself a little further to bring great results. He says “Every rep that I did I became one step closer to turning that vision into reality. This vision didn’t just help me with bodybuilding, it helped me with everything.”

Oh! There Would Be Plenty To Reject You:

When Arnold was struggling for a chance in Hollywood. He heard more no’ than yes. He was often rejected because of his appearance. Many agents quoted” You’re gigantic. You’re like a monster. You have a thick accent unsuitable for Hollywood, You are scary to listen” And a few others said “Your name isn’t easy enough to spell” (I find it very difficult too.. That’s the reason I am using Arnold :D) Arnold says that every time he heard a NO from the agents it was an YES for him

You see many people go through plenty of rejections in life. If They had stopped perusing them dreams because of failure or rejections they wouldn’t have been where they are today.

Rejection comes as a part of every great idea and every great achievement.

Hard Work:

While he took business classes in California, he was trained five hours a day, he took acting classes for another four hours, and worked in construction to make ends meet.

9 hours of work plus extra? Isn’t it too much to even think about?

There is no substitute to hard work and his story proves it.

If  You Want to Start, Start Early!

He attended school in the night and with whatever saving he had from the work he started investing them. By 30 he was a millionaire already. He knew what he had to do with money. He wanted to become a businessman and he is one today. He started a Bricklaying business with a fellow body builder, opened a restaurant, he invested in real estates. He owns a production company called the Oak Productions.

He was asked if money was the reason for him to return to Hollywood after political career he said he had plenty of money because he knew how to invest it unlike other actors. He works in the humanitarian sector and has been a great philanthropist.

Early the better isn’t it. Well not just about money. It’s about pursuing your dreams as well. When you what you want then why delay it? You wouldn’t get immediate results if you start early but you are sure to get a better clarity on what you want and how you want.


Total Recall : My Unbelievably True Life Story  is an inspiring journey of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His journey from a body builder to a movie star and then to Governor.



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      1. I also liked the way you presented this information. I would like to suggest that whenever you will write about personalities, write in this way only. 🙂 🙂

  1. Mr Universe…aaah. No doubt about it. He is so good looking and Macho 😛
    I din’t know he had a hard childhood , you have listed a lot of things I was completely unaware of 🙂 His life is definitely motivating.

  2. Nicely carved, Vidyashree. I’d like to hear from you about his biggest competitor too – Sylvester Stallone. 🙂 And one more thing, how’d you like to be called Vidyashree or Vidya? 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Sylvester Stallone, the rocky guy! aaah one great man. Would love to write about him sometime soon, Ravish.
      I don’t mind either of the two…Vidya sounds short and nice and it’s easy to type too 😀 so let it be Vidya 🙂

      1. Absolutely Vidyashree, building a body like that is definitely inspiring.. Working towards a goal and achieving it, especially when you start as early and we see people at 30 struggling to make ends meet.

  3. Totally motivational part of it though I read some controversies in personal life as I am abig fan of Maria Shriver. But hey what’s wrong let’s see the positive in each

    1. That’s true chaitali. I totally get your point. Man with many controversies too, yet something extremely inspiring about him.
      His autobiography made a lot of controversy. When asked about why he included everything in the book,he said he didn’t want to pen down just the good things about him.

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