Are You The Prisoner Of Your Thoughts?- Oprah Winfrey

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What if you had the power to master the things happening to you? What if you were given a menu on things happening to you in your life and you could choose your favourite among it? Wouldn’t life be convenient , happy and a lot easier? Well this is never going to happen. You can never control certain events happening in life  but something you are sure to control are the thoughts you think. That’s the reason why people stay focus on what you can control and not on what you can’t.

Here is a video from oprah’s show. She talks about thoughts and thinking. Oprah never fails to make me think more and appreciate the power of human psychology.

As per the video I visualized the 3 things she mentioned and was waiting to hear some unknown fact but all I could realise was the way the mind agrees with what it chooses to think about. That’s the power of it. Think about something  that fears you or troubles you, you see them all in your mind , not just as thoughts but also as a visual objects and image the impact of visualization on you!

Many a times you can’t avoid the thoughts in your mind. It’s difficult and sometimes even impossible to stop it but isn’t it amazing you can use your mind as a filtering system to help you choose a thought on which you want to think about. Choose it wisely as you are the sole observer and selector of your thoughts.I know it doesn’t work as easy as it sounds but knowing the fact that you are responsible for letting your thoughts grow is a power within.Use it carefully as you are responsible for either letting your thoughts lift you up or put you down.

11 thoughts on “Are You The Prisoner Of Your Thoughts?- Oprah Winfrey

    1. Amen Kokila! It is in those sparks of beautiful thoughts that we define ourselves and our actions as well. We just need to be careful about that.. It is all in the beauty of self awareness 🙂

  1. Vinay, combining your this and morning post, the line flashes in my mind is: The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

  2. I don’t know if you read Eat love and Pray… line says ” choose your thoughts like you pick your dress”….,though I don’t remember the exact words….but the power of mind control is the hardest…if we can succeed in that…I guess rest will be little easier though….wonderful write up

    1. Aaah… That’s lovely! :). I haven’t had an opportunity to read that book yet.. Although I did watch a video of its author where she beautifully talks about failure and how difficult it was to build up on a remarkable success like eat pray and love..

      I like this thought, choosing our thoughts like our dresses! Simple, yet very meaningful 🙂

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